Product Details


Machine weight: 17000kg

Engine power:  120KW

Blade cabcity: 4.5 cbm

Product features:

SD16plus bulldozer is an upgrade and replacement product independently researched and developed on the basis of SD16 products. It has the characteristics of high scientific and technological content, advanced and reasonable design, high production efficiency, and can adapt to more severe operating environment and convenient maintenance.

It is suitable for the operation of road, railway, mine, airport and other ground transportation, excavation, backfilling earthwork and other bulk materials. It is an indispensable mechanical equipment for national defense engineering, mine construction, urban and rural road construction and water conservancy construction.

Low weichai WD10 engine, sufficient power, specific fuel consumption is low, easy to maintain, conforms to the Ⅱ emission standards.

The high reliability of the power shift gearbox, two straight gear reduction, splash lubrication of the final transmission, with a high durability, efficient operation of the machine.

The use of closed system, tank pressure to maintain a specific value, forced air supply can enhance the cooling effect.

The whole vehicle wiring harness adopts seamless snakeshade for protection, improving the reliability of electrical wiring harness; The whole injection molding structure instrument board integrates air conditioning, electrical and instrument box into one, beautiful and high-grade; Optimize the arrangement of working lights to improve the illumination of vehicles; Increase the reversing alarm bell, work alarm light, improve the vehicle safety warning when working.

The full box structure of the main frame with a high impact load and bending torsion resistance, high quality welding to ensure that the main frame has a full life cycle.

The working valve outside, convenient valve daily maintenance, vehicle maintenance is better; PPC pilot control, more convenient and fast operation; The working device adopts high pressure system and the pressure is raised to 21MPa.

Strong traction and durability. The rigid walking system transfers the working load and impact load to the main frame, which ensures the stability of the machine in complex working conditions.

The new hexahedral cab, increased the internal space, the vision is more open; The mounting surface of cab is separated from the sealing surface for better sealing performance; The floor panel adopts labyrinth seal structure, reducing the noise in the driving room to 87dB.

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