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Used Excavators Help Us To Keep The Secret Of Profit

Dec 26, 2019


When talking about used excavator equipment, many excavator operators are worried about the decline in work performance, work table falsification, accident vehicles, and refurbished vehicles are everywhere. Today, one of our old machine friends came to talk about the things he worked with Carter used equipment.

Mr. Yin is specialized in undertaking roadbed earthwork. He has been involved in the engineering industry since 1995. This way, accompanied by CAT used equipment, he has achieved a successful transformation from a digging machine operator to a company owner.

At the beginning of the construction machinery industry, Mr. Yin chose the cheap excavator engineering equipment. After a period of use, he found that these excavators were not durable enough, and there was still a problem of insufficient power and low residual value of used machines.

Considering the needs of the project, he decided to use Caterpillar's used excavator.

Mr. Yin also said that the replacement of Caterpillar's second-hand excavator brought financial pressure, but Caterpillar's second-hand excavator has a low failure rate, durability, and high residual value of the old machine to ensure the smooth progress of the project. After one year of work, the cost was gradually recovered.

With the increasing experience of the industry, Mr. Yin gradually began to prefer CAT used excavator equipment. In the second year, he purchased a second-hand CAT 336 excavator with a working time of 300 hours. The equipment was in good condition and is still in use today.

“This used equipment is as safe as the new one.” In the following years, he purchased several CAT used equipment (the equipment that has been certified to achieve good condition and excellent performance after the Cat dealer has been repaired as required). With quality assurance).

"CAT second-hand excavator equipment is trustworthy and value for money. The company's scale is expanding. In the future, we intend to continue to purchase CAT used excavator equipment, and we will recommend more friends to buy." Mr. Wang said.

China Machinery Trading is a seller of used machinery and equipment in China. We sell a wide range of CAT-certified used equipment, including excavators, road rollers, graders, wheel loaders and more.

Each used equipment can only be certified through a rigorous inspection process to ensure that the equipment is in good condition and performance.

In addition, Cat Certified used equipment is repaired using original CAT parts and is backed by a CAT power and hydraulic system. We promise that CAT-certified second-hand equipment is to let customers buy it with confidence, use it with peace of mind, and make money.