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Oil From The Valve Guide Into The Combustion Chamber

Oct 20, 2016

Hydraulic excavator-guzzling oil burning analysis

When the excavator engine oil into the combustion chamber, what do you do? Today, small and have a chat about excavator engine oil mixed in fuel consumption resulting from the combustion chamber high, oil burning problem.

When oil from the valve guide into the combustion chamber, you will need to replace the gasoline engine valve stem seal. Firstly, to spark plug remove and turn the crankshaft-piston swing-oriented; then a curved iron bars from the installation insert the combustion chamber in spark plug hole, against the valve head, finally, open valve cover, remove the valve spring, replace the new valve stem seal. This method will not cause the valve stem down into the cylinder tube, without cylinder head and the cylinder head gasket removal, it is a convenient approach of choice.

Excavator cylinder

Oil from the crankcase breathing combustion chamber

When serious grease for your excavator air filter dirt jam, and to annotate the engine oil tubing end cap is lost when will cause the air through an air filter, so look for another road, from the filler hole-crankshaft-crankcase EGR tube-inlet pipe entering the combustion chamber.

Due to the smaller Crankcase gas recovery tube diameter, when the throttle is opened after the crankcase gas recovery tubes form a strong stream of air. The airflow will splash the oil from the intake manifold after inhalation of combustion chamber, oil combustion with the mixture, form oil burning.

Piston pump up oil

How to tell if piston pump up oil? Typically, cylinder head can be removed and start the crankshaft turns, keeping the piston up and down running. Observe whether the cylinder wall with more oil, if you can wipe clean and repeat this action if the action were repeated still more oil then piston pump up the oil.

This phenomenon, when you install the piston rings, the inner chamfer can be taken up and lateral angle down. When replacing the new piston rings, also guarantees the open gaps, backlash and the backlash should be consistent with the type of piston rings Assembly required, and the ring should be evenly distributed among the 360 °.

Cylinder wall surface

Excavator cylinder wall surface is uneven, it shall be better cylinder, and needs to reworked cylinder inner surface.

The above four points is small today to get next to you, excavator engine oil into the combustion chamber after the guzzling oil burning problems and the corresponding solutions, I hope to help people daily excavator work in the future, if you do not know what problems sustainable follow, small will continue to explain a number of things on the excavator.

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