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Maintenance Of Hydraulic Excavators Should Pay Attention To What Point?

Oct 20, 2016

Located in upper slewing platform of hydraulic excavator undercarriage, as important as the head and trunk of the human body. Although its structure is more difficult to see from the outside, but installed on the engine and various hydraulic devices if it fails or is overloaded, it will affect the overall status of the machine, reduces performance and eventually cause the machine to malfunction. Therefore, the upper part of the machine should be rotating platform of routine maintenance checks in the first place. To improve upper slewing platform of job performance and preventing unnecessary loss, in upper slewing platform maintenance, we should pay attention to what point?

Check and replace the filter on a regular basis in order to prevent dust and added to oils containing impurities into the main parts of the machine, protective measures have been taken in the mining machine. Multiple filters are installed on an excavator, these filters are playing their important role. Air filter engine fuel combustion need fresh air. Air filter from the suction Chamber of the external dust and other foreign matter in the air in order to prevent engine cylinder liner and piston ring wear. Oil and fuel filter oil and fuel storage and refueling are easy to mix with water and dust in the process. Filters can filter foreign material and prevent the internal components of the engine wear. In addition, if they filter pollution, can cause oil or fuel flow is impeded and insufficient engine power failure or lubrication result in engine damage. Hydraulic oil hydraulic oil filter function is the transforming power of the medium, so mixed with dust and other foreign matter is strictly prohibited. While the hydraulic oil filter can prevent impurities from entering various parts of hydraulic equipment. In addition, the oil filter is installed in the hydraulic tank, protects the hydraulic circuit of the hydraulic pump. After the oil return of hydraulic oil tank, oil return into your oil filter is installed on the site.

Therefore, the degree of pollution can be observed through the oil filter (if there is no iron) to judge whether the pumps or other components of the hydraulic system for abnormal status. When the oil through the filter when the filter can remove impurities, so that over time to filter the pollution will become more and more serious. If contamination of the filter be replaced in a timely manner, it will reduce the flow of oil and the original performance of the machine could not be fully achieved. In addition, the continued use of damaged or excessive contamination of the filter, you cannot filter impurities, and shorten the service life of the machine. Therefore, the filter should be regularly replaced, if anomalies are found in the daily maintenance and inspection should be replaced immediately. To prevent wear of the machine should bear enough oil and greases hydraulic excavator in operation process, the various parts of the machine will be accompanied by a great deal of friction.

Grease and oil may reduce the friction, because grease oil film is formed, preventing the metal contact of the rotating parts. Add oil and grease is an important job, mainly in order to reduce friction and wear, and allow the machine to run smoothly. However, if the gas is not fully, or raise the deterioration of grease, then, will not be able to form an oil film that contact between the metal and cause wear and bite. If you continue to operate the machine in this State will cause burning of the moving parts of the machine parts, which will be in stop condition. Should therefore regularly raise adequate amounts of oil and grease. Periodically inspect and replace the oil in the fuel tank, is very important for the normal operation of the machine. Above upper slewing platform maintenance it is important to regularly check and replaced the filter regularly, fill enough oil and grease!

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