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Machinery And Equipment Industry: Year-on-year Growth Rate Of Loader Sales Continued To Slow

Sep 07, 2018

In the second half of the year, it is expected that the power of infrastructure construction will drive the high growth of crane pump trucks. In July, 2,916 car cranes were sold, which increased by 61% year-on-year and decreased by 9% month-on-month. From January to July, a total of 19541 auto cranes were sold, an increase of 72% year-on-year. From the brand point of view, the sales volume of heavy truck cranes in xuzhou this month was 1381, with a year-on-year growth rate of -6% and a year-on-year increase of 60%, accounting for 47% of the market in a single month, slowing down the year-on-year growth rate. Sany and zoomlion followed with 690 and 609 units respectively, ranking second and third. Sany's sales continued to grow rapidly year on year.

Construction machinery production in the second half of the good situation but sales may be flat and down year on year. Based on the two major supports of financing environment and policies, infrastructure investment is expected to rebound in the second half of the year. For the whole year, infrastructure investment is expected to increase by 8% year-on-year, which is expected to drive high growth of demand for cranes and pump trucks. We expect that crane shortage will continue until the end of Q3 (year +50% to +60%). In addition, with the promotion of modular construction, the demand for medium and large ton tower cranes will continue to increase in the future.

Sales of bulldozers were steady from a year earlier, while export sales fell from a month earlier: 479 units were sold in July, up 39 percent from a year earlier and down 31 percent from a month earlier. From January to July, 4,952 bulldozers were sold, up 37% year on year. Exports of 151 bulldozers this month, up 9 per cent year on year, fell 43 per cent month-on-month to 32 per cent. Among the key enterprises, yamashita ranked first with its sales volume of 304, and its market share continued to decline to 63%. Yishan, shangong and pengpu respectively achieved sales of 32, 30, 30, followed by 7%, 6%, 6% market share. Pengpu sales continued to rise sharply year on year, up 650% from the same period last year, with a strong upward momentum. In terms of sales area, anhui, shandong and jiangsu are big provinces in need of bulldozers. The proportion of cities in the eastern, central and western regions was 25 percent, 25 percent and 19 percent, respectively.

The growth rate of loader sales continued to slow down year on year, and the proportion of export continued to increase: in July, the sales volume of loader was 8,745 units (excluding small ones), which increased by 27% year on year. From January to July, the accumulative sales volume of loaders reached 69288, up 33% year on year. This month, loader exports increased by 36 percent year-on-year to 22 percent. According to region, shandong and henan are big provinces in need of loader. Sales in eastern, central and western regions were 2460, 1993 and 2374 respectively, accounting for 28 percent, 23 percent and 27 percent of the market.

The sales of rollers continued to decline on a month-on-month basis, while export growth slowed down: 1383 rollers were sold in July, up 6% year on year, down 14% on a month-on-month basis. Exports of road roller in July were 267, up 25 percent year-on-year, accounting for 19 percent, and export growth slowed. Among the key enterprises, the sales volume of the leading xugong roller is 360, down 10% year on year, accounting for 26% per month. Next came liugong and sany, with sales of 122 and 107 units respectively. In terms of sales area, shandong, henan and sichuan are big demand provinces. The market share in the eastern, central and western regions was 28 percent, 23 percent and 30 percent, respectively.