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Hydraulic Excavator Products

Oct 20, 2016

Excavator hydraulic drive closer together, based on its development mainly to the application of hydraulic technology. Its structure is mainly composed of engine, hydraulic system, equipment, running gear and electrical control components, as the excavator of poor working conditions, required action is very complex, so it has the hydraulic system design of very high requirements in hydraulic system of engineering machinery hydraulic system but also the most complex. Therefore, for the analysis and design of the hydraulic system of the excavator has become an important part of excavators.

Single bucket hydraulic extension Digger is a batch of machinery and equipment, which consists of working device, a rotary device and walking device consists of three parts. Device comprises a dynamic, bucket and can be replaced in accordance with the needs of a variety of replacement equipment, such as a shovel, backhoe, loading bucket and grab, the typical work cycle are as follows:

(1) mining in hard Tu Cheng in the mining Shi General to bucket Rod action mainly, with shovel bucket cylinder adjustment cutting angle, tie mining; in soft slope in the dug turned Shi, is to shovel bucket cylinder action mainly; in by special requirements of mining action in the, is makes shovel bucket cylinder, and bucket Rod cylinder and moving arm cylinder three who composite action. to guarantee shovel bucket by specific track movement.

(2) lifting and turning end of the mining, bucket cylinder launch, secondary cylinder rises in full Ascension and slewing motor starts, go to the direction of discharge Rotary.

(3) go to uninstall Uninstall turntable. turntable brake arm cylinder to adjust unloading RADIUS. bucket cylinder back bucket unloading. When you uninstall has strict requirements and high. also needs moving arm KR with the action.

(4) after the uninstall is complete. turntable to reverse swing, boom cylinders simultaneously in conjunction with bucket bar cylinder movement, in an empty bucket down to new mining.

Single-bucket excavator in construction, transportation, water conservancy construction, surface mining and modern military engineering has a very wide range of applications, are indispensable to the construction of main mechanical equipment of earthwork and stonework.

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