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Excavator Hydraulic Pump Repair Cheats Public

Oct 20, 2016

Common faults of hydraulic used excavator hydraulic pump includes: pump without oil or no pressure pump is less than less than rated values, pump pressure rises up, pump hydraulic oil in white, haze, bubble, hydraulic pumps for the oil shortage, abnormal noise of hydraulic pumps, pump wear. how much knowledge you have acquired a hydraulic pump repair? Today, Seiko Master Yang to look at common failure and troubleshooting for hydraulic pump digging machine.

1. the hydraulic used excavator hydraulic pump oil level too low

Reason: does not vary with the seasons changing the hydraulic oil and replace.

Solution: replace add season for hydraulic oil. Under normal circumstances, the use of hydraulic oil for hydraulic oil for 46# or 68#, due to extremely cold in winter, when appropriate, use hydraulic oil 32 # can be replaced.

2. dig engine-driven hydraulic pump tubing plugging

Cause: the pump inlet and outlet connector or bent connector "o"-ring for damage, oil pump drive gear oil seal for damage, air mixed with the hydraulic system.

Solution: damaged oil seals and o-rings removed and replaced.

3. used excavator hydraulic pump hydraulic oil pollution

Reason: due to the hydraulic pump filter blockage, causing it to not filter, resulting in dirt mixed with the hydraulic system, causing hydraulic oil contamination.

Workaround: before cleaning the hydraulic system, and then to replace the hydraulic oil.

4. used excavator hydraulic pump oil level insufficient suction exposed

Cause: pump body and cover both sides of the paper pad was not added or pump vertically with the pump cover no good sealing.

Workaround: to add oil to the oil, and add a paper pad in between the pump body and the cover. You can pump in Emery placed on the flat ground after leveling, vertical error between the pump body and cover no more than 0.005mm.

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