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Domestic Used Excavator Development Difficulties

Oct 20, 2016

Domestic engineering mechanical development now has into high-speed development stage, but how in engineering mechanical field development road in the, looking for engineering mechanical industry of industries, second-hand excavator of is currently domestic ignored of a industry, and second-hand engineering mechanical has been are was as gold industry, domestic engineering mechanical industry can ignored industry of development of necessary industry chain of among a article does, domestic should looks at will some gravity put in second-hand engineering mechanical industry among.

However, by contrast, and leasing and remanufacturing is closely linked to the two mobile phones businesses but did not get enough attention of construction machinery enterprises in China. Due to the customer on the Chinese construction machinery financial leasing market many are medium and small enterprises, and even individual users, their financial strength is difficult to ensure that each leasing contract is carried out intact, while some agents have been in the rental business, which will generate a lot of old machines and equipment. Without a good two mobile service platform, agent simple renovation, alone, the value of these two cell phones to play will be undermined. Manufacturing business, if there is no circulation of the second mobile phone, that would be equivalent to "make bricks without straw", and remanufactured products cannot flow to the end user. In addition, as an important part of the engineering machinery industry chain, developed two mobile phones businesses also have a greater role to play. Two mobile phones businesses can help manufacturers and agents marketing profits, driving services and accessories for profit growth. Two mobile phones businesses can effectively improve the residuals rate, reduce the cost to customers, so that customers can enjoy more added value, ensure customer loyalty, and brand promotion will also play a supporting role.

The current difficulties of China's two mobile phones businesses

Domestic brand engineer machinery II handset business in China at present still mainly rely on agents. In the operation of two mobile phones businesses, faced many problems.

First, the machinery industry of foreign "experience" unlimited lack of achievement and health laws and regulations to standardize the two mobile phones in China market. The circulation of secondhand excavators in China for a long time in multiple management situation. In addition to government departments outside the main administration of commodity circulation, inspection, and customs and Excise departments for industry and commerce were also their management practices.

Second, the transaction taxes are not unified at two mobile phones also restricts the development of the market, used equipment transaction taxes are basically everywhere in local policy implementation, some by the sales tax, business tax, high 17%, minimum 2%, high and low tax rates vary.

Again, the second mobile phone evaluation system is not perfect. There is no complete and consistent valuation of used construction machinery standards evaluation and residual values of equipment specifications, engineering mechanics assessment of the value of the used equipment is handed over to the agents themselves, or dealing in second-hand greater demand for capital. General agents for the mastering of new technologies, there are some problems, either incomplete technical information, or learn about equipment performance is not deep, national advocates for the future manufacturing technology was not involved. Manufacturer of this much-needed direct intervention on two mobile phones businesses, not just support for the agents, but also protection for user interests.

Used construction machinery industry is crucial for the development of a link, is a necessary trend of development of domestic construction machinery industry, producers of technology to improve the level in the recycling industry, with technology at the same time enhance the secondary industry of construction machinery industry, comprehensive development of domestic construction machinery entering a road, looking for high-end development opportunities. Advances in domestic construction machinery need to rely on a comprehensive property promotion.

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