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Comparison Of Used Excavator Market At Home And Abroad

Oct 20, 2016

Excavator in the domestic market, there is a lot of it have formed such a concept, "prefer to buy Japan used excavator, won't buy made in China". This article in second hand Komatsu excavator, for example, a simple comparison of domestic and imported used excavator Komatsu excavator difference.

Most of the people thought that imported used excavator Komatsu than domestic used Komatsu excavators are of good quality, here is undeniable, and others small Japan mechanical excavator is superior to domestic ones. From the excavator manufacturing environments, as well as people using the density of steel is stronger than that of domestic excavator!

Japan is a on environmental consciousness is heavy of national, a Taiwan new of excavator, work time as long as over 5,000 hours, so it on will was sent to excavator brand of service points to maintenance, but many of excavator especially small of excavator, they main is used to flat soil, occasionally dug pit, so said in Japan of excavator is is "happiness of", basically didn't dry had what heavy! Emperor last time we recall a pure Japan imported second-hand 75UR Komatsu excavators, time is 04 car, but hours of work total about 4,800 hours, quality 8.5 new, therefore, the evaluation used excavator Komatsu excavator production not only light years!

For imported used excavator Komatsu profit how? This excavator is a topic of general interest of friends, no matter what we do, we must be for a purpose, that is to make money, and analysis of imported used excavator Komatsu profit from the following aspects!

1 imported used excavator Komatsu quality is not worse than new domestic excavators where to go, we do a price comparison with Komatsu 200-8 excavator! Pure Japan imported second hand Komatsu excavator back 200-8 (working hours 5,000 hours, new color 80%), equivalent to RMB prices is around 650,000, then made the Komatsu 200-6 excavator market price has reached 1.02 million, price differences between the 1 time, excavators started just want to do friends, imported by is your good choice!

A fuel consumption of 2 used excavator Komatsu, which is an important parameter of a cost estimate, actually imported the pump and not the same at home, higher expectations for the quality of the oil, fuel is not above say it!

3 it is a payback period of investment and capital, you can view purchasing advantage of used excavator Komatsu, imported used excavator Komatsu development there is a market in the country! Excavator-rich friends, you can think of!!

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