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Buying Heavy Equipment – New Or Used?

Jun 13, 2019


Road building machinery, construction equipment, mining equipment and heavy equipment for other purposes represents a significant investment.

This means that whatever type of heavy equipment you need – from bulldozers and excavators to motor graders, loaders or cranes – it's important to buy right. In other words, pay the best possible price for equipment that will perform as required, for as long as possible.

Buying heavy equipment – new or used?

If you need heavy equipment just for a short-term project, hiring the equipment may be a solution. However, hiring equipment doesn't add to the value of your business – and for any longer-term need, it's more cost-effective to buy.

Advantages of buying new can include benefitting from recent technological advances, full warrantees and reliable, on-going technical support. But the cost of new heavy equipment, especially translated into South African currency, can be prohibitive.

Potential advantages of buying used heavy equipment are as follows:

  • saved capital can be applied elsewhere in the business

  • you avoid losses due to heavy initial depreciation on new equipment

  • there's little to no waiting time for delivery.

What to look for when buying heavy equipment?

Keep these key questions in mind when considering a purchase of second-hand heavy equipment.

Who is the seller?

Finding a reputable seller might not seem straightforward. You'll get a good idea of what level of quality they deal in. Naturally, positive recommendations from other buyers are also a good indicator

How many hours has the machine worked in total?

The age of the machine is a consideration but the work hours it has done are more important. Once equipment has been operated for more than a certain number of hours, it's inevitably more prone to failure. So when there's a choice between similar machines, opt for the one that has done fewer work hours.

Can you test drive it?

Don't consider buying any construction equipment until you've taken it for a test drive. If a seller refuses to let you test equipment, walk away.

Listen for unusual noises

When you do your test drive, let the machine run for a few minutes and listen for any unusual noises. These include knocking, whining or singing, creaking or squeaking when the machine is in motion.

New parts

Ask the seller if the machine has had any new parts installed. This can extend the life of the machine. However, if the new parts were installed because of an accident, it's best to look elsewhere.

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