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Bauma China 2018,pre Registration And Opening Of Audience.

Jul 04, 2018

The audience visit the pre registration is officially opened!

Visitors can be pre registered in the following two ways.

Now register immediately, save 50 yuan tickets, free visit.

The pre registered audience can also enjoy more benefits


Easy 3 step, complete the WeChat pre registration

First steps

Login preregistration page

Long Click to identify the underlying two-dimensional code, to WeChat pre registration page.

Second steps

Fill in the information and get an electronic chest

Fill in the registration information in turn

After the registration is successful, you can get an electronic chest card

Fill in pre registration information

Third steps

Screenshot save electronic chest

Ask the screenshot to save the electronic chest

During the exhibition to the exhibition hall W1, W5 or the east entrance hall

"Pre registered audience" counter

Free exchange of paper chest for admission

Electronic chest graphics

To complete the above steps, congratulations on your coming in

Bauma CHINA 2018

Gourmet feast of engineering machinery


Friendship hints:

Can't find an electronic chest card?

Can be viewed from the WeChat menu at the exhibition at any time

Pay attention to Bauma CHINA WeChat public number

Search for baumaCHINA construction machinery exhibition in WeChat chat search bar

Enter the public number dialogue page

Click on the menu bar: free visit - Electronic chest

Login with mobile phone and name used in pre registration

You can look at your own electronic chest

Want to help colleagues and other people to register?

You can log in to the official website of the exhibition: www.b-china.cn

After entering the "audience pre registration" platform, help colleagues and other people to register.


Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong)

300 thousand square meters of Deluxe display space

3000 exhibitors make a wonderful appearance with new products

The scope of the 7 major products

Spectators from more than 140 countries around the world

You are more wonderful!