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XCMG heavy duty loader showed in buma exhibition

Jul 22, 2018

On April 11, the 3-year Bauma 2016 in Germany -- the world's largest and highest level engineering machinery exhibition was officially opened at the Munich exhibition center. As a representative enterprise of China's engineering machinery manufacturing, xugong group focuses on building a whole series of star products. This grand event features xugong LW1100KN, LW800KN large tonnage loaders, twin stars and heavy swords.

Xugong LW800K loader with a new shape, outstanding performance and quality exhibition

After ten years of sword casting, it will become a great tool

Anyone who has ever been in contact with the loader industry knows that the large-tonnage loader represents the technological height and thickness of an enterprise, and represents the global status of a country and an enterprise in this field. As early as the beginning of the 21st century, xugong broke through its own limitations and looked around the world. From an industrial and global perspective, xugong accurately positioned the development trend of large-scale and high-end Chinese loader products. After more than ten years of dedicated research, xugong tonnage loaders are at the forefront of the industry with remarkable technological breakthroughs and marketing services. Xugong has pushed the technology of China's tonnage loaders to a high level in the world and successfully created a new image of China's loaders in the international market.

Is the appearance of the "twin epee" xugong r&d team strength and avant-garde concept of a concentrated reflection, research and development to the benchmark imported products in the process of research in cutting-edge technologies and core technology research, made a major technical innovation achievement, in the machine design method of integrated innovation, global optimization design, the transmission of organizations of the working equipment of multi-function matching control system with high reliability design methods, the passive safety of large tonnage loader structure design theory and methods, new roll-over protection structure and the design method for technological innovation, formation of xugong proprietary core technologies, The success of these core technology and method of research and application of greatly promoted the technical performance and working reliability of the loader, all the main technical performance indicators, some more than the same products abroad advanced level, fully meet the high intensity, bad working condition and operation requirement, performance is remarkable, leading comprehensive, showed China engineering machinery from "manufacturing" to "smart" upgrade. Among them, LW1100KN, with its exquisite manufacturing technology, inherits the design experience of the reverse six-link loader of xugong for many years, integrates the whole ecological concept of "ecology of xugong shoveling industry +", and leads the world with great splendor.

Xugong LW800K loader with a new shape, outstanding performance and quality exhibition

The heavy sword has a sharp edge, and the cutting iron is silent

LW1100KN wheel loader is a large tonnage loader independently developed by xugong. It has a strong structure, strong power, stable, reliable, safe, comfortable, energy-saving and efficient. Xugong's latest integrated FOPS&ROPS cab, with international development and design, brings together the world's most advanced technology and achieves the world's leading level. The whole structure of the cab is connected with the frame by the silicon oil shock absorber. It is equipped with an air bag shock absorber seat with large space, wide vision, good sealing, low noise and safe and comfortable. The whole machine adopts load sensitive variable technology, which provides pressure and flow according to the operation requirements, and reduces fuel consumption by 15%. Equipped with electro-hydraulic proportional control handle, easy to operate and greatly improve the working efficiency. ZF single turbine three-element torque converter, hand integrated automatic electric control gearbox, simple structure, higher reliability. The front and rear frame layout is reasonable. Through finite element analysis and optimization, the rigidity is large and the anti-overload ability is strong. The working device is designed to be strong and durable. The device is equipped with a limit sensing mechanism with angular memory function, so that when lifting and unloading, the limit is more accurate, greatly reducing repetitive operation and reducing working intensity, so as to make the whole machine work more efficiently.

LW800KN wheel loader is the latest generation of products with international advanced level that xugong makes full use of the international research and development platform. This model is strong in structure, strong in power, stable and reliable, safe and comfortable, energy-saving and efficient, and is the preferred production equipment for ports, logistics and large mines. The latest integrated FOPS&ROPS super quiet cab, European and American mainstream style, super large space, integrates the most advanced technology in the world today, achieves world-class level, higher security, wider vision and more comfortable operation. Scientific matching and deep optimization of the transmission system, international leading quality gearbox and drive bridge, more efficient and more reliable. Long wheelbase overload design, 3d simulation analysis and optimization of structural parts to meet the needs of bad working conditions. Load sensitive variable technology is adopted to provide pressure and flow according to operational requirements, and fuel utilization efficiency is significantly improved. Equipped with an independent heat dissipation system and a single row of large distance radiator, it can completely solve the heat balance problem in various bad environment. The front and rear frame, the moving arm and the rocker arm are two years or 5,000 hours, far exceeding the industry level of the loading machine three bags period, showing the peak quality of the xugong loader.

This time, xugong boldly designed the whole machine shape of LW1100KN and LW800KN, and adopted the design concept of "baojian" to make the cold iron block look more beautiful and generous. At the same time, the principle design of ergonomics is adopted, the micro-environment of the cab is studied by means of simulation analysis, and the interior decoration is designed as a saloon car, which brings the operator the operating experience like a saloon car. In addition, through color and material analysis, a new coating scheme is adopted. The coating machine is rhythmical, firm and powerful.

Xugong LW800K loader with a new shape, outstanding performance and quality exhibition

Shovel industry for the country, rely on the sword to the world

LW1100KN, LW800KN has passed the European CE certification, it is technical university xu tonnage loader into the European and American developed countries and a fist products, it satisfies the demands of the domestic market demand and participate in international competition, realize the large wheel loader design and manufacture of technical breakthrough, shortening the wheel loader in product variety, technical level, quality and reliability in the gap with developed countries, developed from 6 tons to 12 tons, a full range of spectrum technical university xu tonnage products, prompted the loader industry technology progress in China.

With the unremitting efforts of the research and development and marketing team, xugong tonnage loader has repeatedly won breakthrough orders in ports, mines and other fields, and continuously made new breakthroughs in overseas markets, competing with carter and other enterprises. Up to now, xu gongda tonnage loader market share has reached more than 20%. While leading the Chinese loader enterprises to attack the high-end product market, xu gongda tonnage loader broke the monopoly of foreign brands and became the preferred brand in the domestic market. Against the trend of breaking the situation, from the market's continuous breakthrough, but also from their own quality of continuous transcendence. Under the guidance of the development direction of "globalization and internationalization" and the manufacturing standard of "independent, high-end and intelligent", xugong group is accelerating its transformation and upgrading, and building a new image of China manufacturing with its unique courage and collective wisdom.