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Used excavator water how to deal with

Oct 20, 2016

Used excavator sales teaches you how to deal with used excavator high water temperature in four steps:

See: finding the engine temperature is too high or the temperature indicator light is glowing continuously, to stop checking, tank water is normal, water tank, water pipes and joints for leaks. If after a period of time, still found that temperature is too high, stop and found water reduced very much, this is mostly for water jacket of cylinder sand holes or perforations and loss. After discovering this failure, repair should be carried out, not to be taken lightly.

Second, if there is air in the cooling system can create air resistance, poor water circulation, cause engine overheating. The following practices can be deflated: engine running, gently unscrew the tank cover to just have a gas release, there will now be some gas with the cooling water outflow, repeatedly, until the gas cleared, after troubleshooting, cooling water should be promptly added.

Third, touch: when the engine temperature is too high, can be touched by hand, if very large temperature difference between two pipes, can be sentenced to the thermostat does not work. In temporarily purchase less accessories, removable thermostat, and wait for the parts replaced immediately.

Four, Red: If dirt from sticking to used excavator on the radiator, over time, affect the cooling effect, caused by water temperature is too high. Compressed air can be blown radiator grille, use a hose