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Used excavator see common misunderstandings

Oct 20, 2016

Saying goes, methodical effort, using second-hand digging machines, too, should pay attention to methods, avoid misunderstanding, here to introduce common misunderstandings of secondhand excavators.

Some maintenance personnel due to second hand digging machine structure, the principle is not clear, not seriously fault analysis, you cannot accurately determine fault location, with "I assume," mind blind mechanical split apart, resulting in both the original fault does not exclude, but due to poor repair skills and technology, and the emergence of new problems.

1 Nissan Komatsu bulldozer, appear not to fault lack of engine power, machinery, maintenance personnel remove the breakdown PT fuel pump and injector could find no fault, replace 1 fuel injection pump testing, fault remains. The last internal check failure is due to the diesel due to impurities, excessive moisture, and the removal resulted in PT fuel pump performance to decline, lack of diesel power.

Therefore, when after a mechanical failure to pass test equipment for testing, in the absence of test equipment, you can "ask, watch, search, try" and other traditional methods of fault judgment and means to combine the structure and working principle of construction machinery, determine the most likely failed part.

In determining the construction machinery failure, commonly "exclusion" and "comparative law", from the simple to the complex, after the first appearance, before Assembly parts order, should not "indiscriminate, blind split apart."

Errors are also the habit, as long as attention, according to the normal method of operation.