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Top 10 tips for oil saving in excavators

Aug 09, 2018

Hi, dear friends.

 I am your dear small make up, the consumption of fuel oil is higher, the excavator users profit is tight and then less and less, how can not reduce task rate and mechanical use fuel efficiency under the premise of life, is the owner is the most concern of the friends, here are the long-term practice sums up the results of the Shared with everybody, according to the daily construction status to reference.

1. Avoid engine idling

So even in idle, hydraulic pump in oil in reincarnation and the cost of fuel. Hypothesis 1 day 10 hours of work in an hour is in idle, so if can avoid idling, is can throttle around 230 litres of fuel per year. So, in the process of daily loading or mining and can be a long time stop halfway, try not to open the machine idle "wait".

2. Avoid overloading and dropping pressure

When excavating sand or stones are overburdened, dig the opportunity to fall off the pressure form. Hypothesis 1 day 10 hours of work in six minutes to drop pressure form, so, if you can avoid pressure, can throttle around 840 litres of diesel per year. A shovel handle is not the problem, can be divided into two down, otherwise it takes organization, and fuel consumption, penny wise and pound foolish.

3. Reduce engine speed

Putting the engine accelerator in the economic position, of course, reducing the engine speed will affect the amount of operation, but it can significantly reduce the fuel consumption and improve the fuel efficiency.

4.Reduce the Angle of rotation

Reducing the Angle of rotation while loading the dump truck shortens the cycle time, adds the amount of work in unit time, and then increases fuel efficiency.

5. Reduce engine speed while walking

The faster the engine rotates, the more fuel is consumed while walking.

6. Perform high level mining

The excavator working platform is the most effective when it is the same height or slightly higher than the truck.

7. When bucket oil cylinder and connecting rod, bucket oil cylinder and bucket lever are all 90 degrees

Each cylinder pushes the excavator to the maximum strength. Do not extend the bucket lever to the maximum working range at the beginning of the excavation, and the best effect is from about 80%.

8. Scope of bucket bar mining

Angle of the bucket bar from 45 degrees on the far side to 30 degrees on the inner side. Slightly different due to the depth of the excavation, but operate the big arm and bucket roughly within this range instead of the stroke end of the oil cylinder.

9. When digging ditches

Dig the two sides of the trench first, then the middle part.

10. The smaller the excavation depth, the better the economic type of mining

It can be divided into upper, middle and lower layers. If a mine is excavated from low to the top, the range of action is increased first, and the power of the excavator is reduced because the range is enlarged and the working efficiency is reduced, which will cost a lot of oil.