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Tips for Maintenance of Hydraulic Excavator.Easy to Learn

Jul 08, 2018

If you compare a hydraulic excavator to a person, the hydraulic system is the human blood circulation system.

The hydraulic circulating system is an important part of the hydraulic excavator. It includes the production of precision hydraulic main pump, hydraulic oil tank, multi-way valve, oil cylinder, motor and a large number of pipes.

Because of its precision, the hydraulic system is actually very "fragile" and needs our careful maintenance. If not maintained or not maintained properly, it will lead to all kinds of failures, which will affect you and bring huge losses.

Hydraulic excavator maintenance: cleaning section

Keep the hydraulic oil clean.

The hydraulic oil must be placed in a clean place, and the oil must be replaced by a clean funnel equipped with a fine mesh filter

If the oil tank contains impurities in the hydraulic oil, it will jam the valve, scratch the pump and block the oil outlet, causing machine failure.

Keep the system clean.

Replace hydraulic oil and hydraulic oil filters regularly. Because there are many additives in the hydraulic oil, the original purpose of these additives is to prevent the hydraulic oil from deteriorating, but after 5000 hours it will be expired, so it is time to replace the new hydraulic oil. Besides oil change, water and sediment in the tank should be removed regularly. If there is sediment in the tank without cleaning, it is useless to replace the hydraulic oil.

Keep the working area clean.

When refueling into the tank, ensure that the area around the filter cover is clean. Use only clean funnel or container. Don't bring dirt into the system. When maintaining the hydraulic system, the clean plastic plug can only be used to seal the end of the pipe line. When maintaining hydraulic parts, the workbench must be absolutely clean. Check the condition of the tools used. They should also be clean.