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Three minutes to grab the 1983 stage! Sany 10000th small - cut honor off line

Sep 27, 2018

On September 25, the ceremony and commendation party of "100,000 small excavations to light up China" was held in kunshan industrial park. Su zimeng, secretary general of China construction machinery industry association, li hongbao, secretary general of digging machinery branch, yu hongfu, chairman of sany heavy machinery group and agents, customers and media friends from all over the country attended the ceremony, which witnessed the glorious appearance of sany's 100,000 small excavations.

"The completion of the 100,000 small excavations is a milestone in the development of sany, and will go down in the history of the development of China's construction machinery industry, which is of great significance." Secretary general su zimeng spoke highly of sany's achievements.

Mr. Yu first welcomed the leaders and customers coming from afar. He pointed out that, from 1 in 2006 to 100, 000 in 2018, behind the jump in the number, there are three pairs of products' persistent pursuit of quality and solemn commitment to customers. He encouraged all small digging employees to make persistent efforts to reach the peak and continue to promote the construction of "intelligent factory" and "digital factory" to provide customers with the best products and the most excellent services.

Under the operation of the well-known sany star player liu renwei, a SY55 excavator slowly drove off the stage, sany heavy machine's 100,000 small excavations officially unveiled its mystery. As the star product in the trinity of small hydraulic excavator, SY55 possesses the characteristics of flexible, easy to operate and has for many years to achieve single machine market share first, is currently one of the most popular little dig products in China, very suitable for the domestic city municipal, landscaping, construction of rural infrastructure construction environment.

In the subsequent three small diggings and snapping up links, the rising number highlights the customer's trust and support for three small diggings. In just three minutes, the sales volume of three small diggings reached 1983, with the turnover exceeding 680 million yuan, again setting a new record in the industry.

The success of "three small digging" is inseparable from the trust and support of customers and the joint efforts of all employees of the company. At the offline ceremony on the day, sany presented customer expert appointment letters to customers from all over the country to thank them for choosing sany and supporting sany. At the same time, sany also praised a large number of small dig company employees who won the "outstanding contribution award".

According to authoritative data, sany has been in the lead in domestic sales and market share for 8 consecutive years since the first mini excavations in 2006. In 2018, sany has been in the top position in the industry. In the market, one out of every three is from our sany. The completion of the 1st 100,000 units of three small excavators marks the further consolidation and development of sany's leading position in the domestic small excavator market.

As the leading enterprise in China construction machinery industry, trinity juki dug in the first one hundred thousand sets of small offline as an opportunity to actively promote the intelligent construction machinery products and digital, will the concept of "advanced wisdom factories, factory" implemented, continue to lead the development direction of construction machinery industry, truly create value for customers.