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These maintenance tips for road roller, you must know

Aug 15, 2018

The running-in period is an important part of ensuring the normal operation of small roller, reducing fault rate and extending its service life. Currently, however, some users ignore the special skill requirements of the new roller because of the lack of knowledge, or because of the tight schedule, or because they want to make profits quickly. Some users and even thought that somehow the manufacturer have guaranteed repair period, the machine is broken by the manufacturer for repair, so the machine overload use for a long time in the running-in period, incur machines early problems frequently attack, this not only affect the normal use of the machine, shorten the using life of the machine, but also because the machine damage affects the construction schedule. Therefore, the application and protection of small hand roller should be paid much attention.

1.Fast wear speed: due to the influence of elements such as installation and adjustment, the conflict surface is rough, the contact area of the cooperative surface is small, and the pressure on the surface is uneven. During the operation of the machine, the concavoconvex surface of the part is in conflict with each other, and the metal fragments that are ground continuously take part in the conflict as abrasive material, which accelerates the wear of the cooperative appearance of the part. Therefore, the wear of simple components (especially the cooperative appearance) in the running-in period is fast. At this point, if the overwork, can lead to parts damage, early onset of the problem.

2. Poor smoothness: because the newly installed parts have small gaps for cooperation, and because of installation reasons, it is difficult to guarantee the uniformity of the gaps for cooperation. Smooth oil (grease) is not easy to form a uniform oil film on the surface of conflict to prevent wear. It then reduces the smoothing efficiency and constitutes the early abnormal wear of the parts. When severe, the conflict that constitutes fine cooperation is superficial scratches or bite appearances, inviting the onset of the disease.

3. Spasmodic loosening: there are some errors in shape and cooperative scale of the newly processed and installed parts. At the initial stage of application, due to the impact, oscillation and other alternating loads, as well as the influence of factors such as heat and deformation, as well as excessive wear and other reasons, the tightened parts simply become loose.

4. attack leakage representation: because part of loose, oscillation machine is heated, the influence of the machine and the sealing surface of pipe joint logout can present leakage appearance, when some of the casting, machining and other defects in installation and debugging is difficult to find, but because the process of vibration and impact effect, this defect will be uncovered, show the leakage (permeability) oil (water), therefore, shooting simple present leakage appearance.

5. Many operating errors: due to insufficient knowledge of machine layout and functions (especially new operators), simple operating errors lead to defects and even mechanical problems.