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The method of quick fault treatment of excavator - component short circuit method

Jul 22, 2018

Quick troubleshooting of excavator engine (1)

Component short circuit method

In the various components of diesel engine, some parts play the role of protecting the normal operation of the machine, improving the efficiency and extending the service life. When these parts are damaged, the "part short circuit method" can be used for emergency repair.

1) when the oil filter is seriously damaged and cannot be used, the oil filter can be removed to form a "short circuit" so that the oil pump and the oil filter cleaner can be directly connected to emergency use. When adopting this method, the diesel engine speed should be controlled at 80% of the rated speed, and the oil pressure should be observed. When the diesel filter is seriously damaged and cannot be used or repaired unconditionally, the oil outlet pipe of the oil pump can be directly connected to the oil inlet port of the oil pump for emergency use. However, it should be repaired and installed in time afterwards to avoid the aggravation of wear and tear of precision coupler caused by long time unfiltration of diesel oil.

2) when the oil radiator is damaged, the "part short circuit method" can also be adopted for emergency repair. The method is as follows: remove the two pipes attached to the oil radiator, connect the two pipes together with a rubber pipe or plastic pipe and tie them tightly, so that the oil radiator can be "short-circuited" in the pipeline of the cooling system. Remove the two oil pipes on the oil radiator, remove the original oil pipe connected with the oil filter, connect the other oil pipe directly with the oil filter, make the oil radiator "short-circuit" in the lubrication system pipeline, and the diesel engine can be used in emergency. When using this method, the diesel engine should avoid long time heavy load operation, and pay attention to observe water temperature and oil temperature.