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The main artery of excavator -- hydraulic pipe

Aug 02, 2018

The hydraulic pipe quality of the original car is very good. Generally, it is provided by rubber pipe giants, such as parker/gates in foreign countries, litong hydraulic in domestic, etc. The quality is excellent.

So the hydraulic pipe of the original car can be maintained for a long time

The pressure of the pipe in the shop is usually more than one year of service life, the hydraulic pipe 403 of the super hercules ace series of hydraulic efficiency, all kinds of performance better than the same hydraulic pipe, and more durable.

In theory, the most likely to explode on a car is a four-layer steel high-pressure pipe with external diameters 42 and 32, because the larger the inner diameter of the pipe is, the greater the stress area will be, and the probability of the pipe bursting will be high. This goes to the shop of special press digger high-pressure pipe to know, which kind of pipe they have more, which kind of pipe will explode frequently!

The most important thing is that the driver should be gentle when working

When the gear pump and plunger pump work, there is oil pulsation, which will make the hydraulic pipe produce high frequency vibration, which cannot be completely eliminated.

So there is a special protective ring on the outside of the hydraulic pipe, the pipe at the base of the big arm (plastic sleeve) and the pipe at the end of the small arm (steel sleeve).

There is also the central oil distributor and the walking motor cover must be regularly cleaned after coating the protective layer, buckle pipe also to be wiped, rust on the trouble ~

When installing the pipe of excavator, it is necessary to pay attention to the installation. It is a small matter that the oil seepage is loose due to vibration. It is troublesome to wear the interface plane due to vibration. Therefore, more attention should be paid to maintenance