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The excavator has no action, no action, cause, maintenance and disposal method.

Jul 02, 2018

The excavator has no action, no action, cause, maintenance and disposal method.


No action is one of the most common failure phenomena in the process of excavator operation, which shows that the sudden no action of the excavator, the operation without action after starting, the whole car without action, the left and right rotation, no action, the no action of the handle, the no action of the handle, the no action of the hydraulic pressure, etc.

No action of the excavator, no cause of action:

1. The oil tank of the hydraulic oil tank is insufficient.

2, the main pump into the oil abnormal (the main pump does not enter the oil, no pressure, oil road blocked).

3. Internal leakage and insufficient pressure.

4, the pilot control failure, the valve core is not moving.

5. The pilot solenoid valve is invalid, the battery valve is not energized or the solenoid valve is damaged.

6. The safety solenoid valve is damaged.

7. The coupling is damaged.

8. The hydraulic lock switch is broken.

9, circuit failure, fuse burn or line short circuit.

10. Hydraulic failure.

11. There is a problem with multiple valves.

The excavator has no action and no action.

1. Start the excavator and check the pressure of the excavator pump (or pressure gauge) on the monitoring panel.

2. Change the switch or direct short switch.

3, use multimeter to measure the line voltage and resistance of hydraulic lock solenoid valve.

4, check the solenoid valve, check whether the electromagnetic valve spool wear or wear phenomenon?

5. Measure the pilot pressure of the excavator.

6, check the excavator circuit. (this article has omitted, more maintenance methods please consult online customer service!

No action of the excavator, no action maintenance model:

Caterpillar 320D excavator, Yulai YC60-8 excavator, Komatsu PC200LC-7 excavator, Hitachi ZX330 excavator, Sany SY55C-9 excavator, Kato HD820V excavator, Sany SY75C-9 excavator, Komatsu PC240-8 excavator, Yuchai YC230LC-8 excavator, Fukuda Lavo FR85-7 excavator, Caterpillar 336D excavator, Kubota KX161-3S excavator, cath CX210 excavator, Jay Bo JCB60 excavator, Komatsu PC55MR-2 excavator, Caterpillar 306 excavator, Yanmar VIO80 excavator, modern R225LC-7 excavator, Yulai YC85-6 excavator, Sany SY205C-8S excavator, Hitachi ZX200-3G excavator, Hitachi ZX200-3G dug machine.