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The engine suddenly went out of steam, and few people knew it was for this reason

Jul 11, 2018

The function of hand pump

Air used to drain low pressure oil road. When the engine stalling, is likely to be hand pump in air, can play a big role in hand pump at this time, because it can put the oil in the discharge air, ensure the engine fuel supply restored to normal.

Hand pumps do not pump oil


The diesel filter core is blocked;


The oil tank is clogged with dirt.


Pressure cannot be set up: one or two of the two one-way valves in the hand pump are not properly sealed, causing leakage.

There is air in the hand pump

When installing the hand oil pump, if too hard, it is easy to cause the slide wire. When pumping the oil, the oil will come out of the bolt, thus leaking oil into the air.

A hand pump cannot drain air

When replacing the filter element, the "O" circle in the hand oil pump is extruded. The valve of the hand oil pump is stuck on the "O" circle during the operation and is always in an open state, so air cannot be discharged. Therefore, when replacing the filter element, it is necessary to pay attention to not overexert when tightening it.

A method of removing air from a hand pump


First, loosen the exhaust bolt of fuel filter element and then release the hand pump button.


Repeatedly push the fuel out with your hand until the fuel out of the exhaust bolt has no bubbles and there is pressure after pressing.


Finally tighten the exhaust bolts

Matters needing attention

1. Avoid using hand pumps as much as possible. In daily maintenance, after the oil and water separator is drained, it is not necessary to use hand pumps to pump oil for a long time.

2. The excavator cannot be started. When determining whether the fuel line has unprecedented suction, try to avoid pressing the hand pump directly for a long time.

3, in case of the engine won't catch fire, press the hand pump exhaust, until the discharge of oil pressure can be produced, such as continue to pressure, oil pump, for a long time can cause the handle bar bent and unnecessary wear and tear.

4. In the case of poor hand oil pump, the exhaust bolts can be loosened and the engine can be fired until the exhaust bolts have oil. The air can be drained out.