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The engine is the heart of the excvator, do you hot to install the filter in right way?

Aug 27, 2018

The engine is the heart of engineering machinery, which maintains the operation of the whole machine. During the operation of the engine, metal grinding dust, high temperature oxidized carbon deposition and colloidal sediment, water, etc. are continuously mixed with lubricating oil. The function of the oil filter is to remove the impurities, gels and moisture in the oil, and convey the clean oil to all lubricating parts to extend its service life.

In the use of filters should also pay attention to the small editor below for everyone to sum up how to use filters normally.

Above all, proposal everybody must choose the filter core that normal manufacturer produces.

The oil filter element is simple in structure, and the inside filter paper and some important parts are hard to distinguish from the appearance. As a result, many kinds of shanzhai filters are available at low prices, so some users buy fake or inferior products to save money. Small make up remind everybody here, these not normal channel go out of filter core to your love machine not only do not have very good protective effect, can cause certain damage even, once the machine is mixed impurity, that can gain lose.

Oil filter element replacement steps:

Step 1: drain the oil

Discharge the waste oil in the oil tank first, place the old oil container under the oil sump, open the oil bolts to discharge the waste oil. Try to keep the oil dripping for a while, and make sure the oil is clean. (the oil will produce a lot of impurities through use. If it is not cleaned when being replaced, it is easy to block the oil road, resulting in poor oil supply and wear of structural parts.)

Step 2: remove the old oil filter

Move the old oil container under the filter and remove the old filter core. Be careful not to dirty the inside of the machine with waste oil.

Step 3: prepare the oil filter element before installation

If you want to replace the filter, you don't need to fill the filter with oil first.

There are two ways to install the oil filter element, the most common is vertical installation, and a lot of small digging machine filter is horizontal installation. The installation method is different, so filling the engine oil can be divided into two cases:

First of all, the vertically installed oil filter element is connected to the oil pump through a pipeline, which is generally recommended for users to change the filter to fill the oil in the filter element. If the new filter is not filled with oil, air resistance will be generated inside the new filter core, resulting in a short period of time in the machine without oil lubrication, resulting in structural parts wear. The advantage of vertical mounting is that the filter core has better tightness and has little osmosis.

Correct operation of oil filter elements installed vertically

Before filtering, remove the protective film and fill the filter with oil. Please pay attention to the surrounding environment in the process of oil filling. Check the oil barrel and oil port to make sure not to bring in impurities.

And transverse installation of oil filter, it is not through the pipeline, directly connected to the oil pump, the design in the petrol tank filling oil filter inside the machine will not produce air resistance, filter before installation does not need to refill the oil in advance, at the same time of injected fresh oil to the oil box, oil filter can directly fill the engine oil.

The correct operation method of oil filter element with horizontal installation

Apply a layer of oil to the new oil filter ring by hand to increase tightness and then install directly. Pay attention to the surrounding environment to avoid impurities when filling the oil.

Step 4: install a new oil filter

Check the oil outlet of the oil filter element mounting position, and clean up the dirt and residual oil. Before installation, put the sealing ring on the oil outlet position first, and then slowly screw on the new filter. Do not screw too tight. In general, screw it by hand, and then use a wrench to screw 3/4 ring. Pay attention to the use of a wrench to avoid excessive force when installing a new filter element, otherwise it is easy to damage the inner sealing ring of the filter element, resulting in poor sealing effect, not filtering effect!

Step 5: fill the oil tank with new oil

Finally, fill the oil tank with new oil and use a funnel if necessary to prevent the oil from being poured on the outside of the engine. After filling, check again for any leakage under the engine.

If there is no leakage, check the oil gauge to see if the oil is added to the top line. We recommend that it is added to the top line. In the daily work process, we also need to check the oil gauge regularly, if the oil is less than off line, it should be replenished in time.

Conclusion: the oil filter element plays an irreplaceable role in the oil path of construction machinery

A small oil filter element may seem insignificant, but it has an irreplaceable position in engineering machinery. Machinery cannot leave oil, be like human body cannot leave healthy blood, once human body loses blood too much or blood produces qualitative change, life will suffer serious threat. The same is true for the machine. If the oil in the engine does not pass through the filter of the filter core and directly enters the lubricating oil road, it will bring the sundries contained in the oil to the friction surface of metal, accelerate the wear of parts and reduce the service life of the engine. Although it is very simple to change the oil filter element, the correct operation method can extend the service life of the machine.