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The bobcat, the pioneer of the slide loader, gradually conquered the world

Jul 17, 2018

Since the creation of the world's first slide loader, bobcat has been well known to engineering robots after more than 50 years of hard work and construction. Not long ago, tigarman wrote an article about the origin of Bobcat's name, "it's not too late to know the origin of Bobcat's name." Today, we talk about how the bobcats got here.

In 1947, E.G.M. elroe, owner of a farm in Greenland, North Dakota, and his four sons set up a small factory that invented an attachment to help transport and load haystacks.

The Melroe brothers bought the three-wheel loader in 1958. This was later called the Melroe motorized propulsion loader, which was also the predecessor of the bobcat slide loader.

In 1960, Melroe installed a rear drive wheel on a three-wheel loader, the four-wheel drive loader M400, and the world's first truly slippage steering loader was born.

The name "mountain cat" was first officially used on the new m-440 in 1962. Because of its use in infrastructure and many industrial sectors, Melroe is shifting its focus from an initial agricultural market to a diversified one.

In 1965, "mountain cat" gradually went international and entered the European market.

In 1986, the "mountain cat" small excavator was introduced and quickly became popular around the world.

In 1995, Ingersoll bought Clark and included bobcats. Ingersoll rand is a leading manufacturer of infrastructure and industrial equipment with nearly 50,000 employees worldwide.

In 1997, "mountain cat" began to enter the Chinese market.

In 2000, Melroe was renamed Bobcat. In February, it bought sabo, a French firm, and entered the retractable arm forklift market. Later, bobcat retractable arm forklifts entered the north American market.

In 2001, the world's first four-wheel steering loader, the A200, was launched. This model combines the two operating options of a sliding steering loader and a four-wheel steering loader. In that year, bobcats also produced half a million slippage steering loaders.

In 2002, the bobcats marketed more and more new products, including the bobcats loading small excavators, compaction equipment, small portable air compressor and lighting equipment, multi-functional tool and invented the bobcats 5600 multi-function loading truck.

In 2005, bobcat slippage loader launched the latest series of K series products.

In 2007, doosan engineering machinery co., ltd. of South Korea acquired the mountain cat general equipment and accessory equipment business of Ingersoll rand corporation of the United States for 4.9 billion dollars, ranking among the world's top 10 engineering machinery manufacturers.

In 2014, bobcat achieved its second milestone, producing its millionth slide-loader.

Until now, bobcat slide-loading machines have long been famous in many developed countries. In China, it is also known for its small size and flexibility. It is also increasingly accepted and widely used in different working conditions in various industries.