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The big action, 700 tons of the hydraulic excavator of XCMG

Jul 04, 2018

The big action, 700 tons of the hydraulic excavator of XCMG

In the past April, Xugong Group, once again with its excellent technical strength, opened a new milestone in the history of China's industrial manufacturing with a 700 ton hydraulic excavator. The formal downline of the large equipment with special significance and mission means China's equipment manufacturing industry, in the world's large excavator market, can be with the international market. The giant slaughters.

Big power in a big country - Mine Big Mac

As soon as the huge machine appeared, it had shocked everyone on the scene. The body was 23.5 meters long, close to the largest creature on the earth, the length of the adult blue whale, 9.44 meters high, higher than the 3 floor, and 9.09 meters in width. As a excavator, the bucket was only 5 meters in width, and it can be dug up to 60, according to the data. Tons of material. And the weight of the excavator itself is amazing, 700 tons!


How much does 700 tons weigh? Equivalent to the sum of 500 cars!

It is just standing there, its sense of existence and deterrence is amazing. It can be said that this hydraulic excavator is a real "Big Mac".

And this 700 ton hydraulic excavator, not only "China's largest tonnage" is so simple. It is driven by two 1700 horsepower motors, exceeding the power of two 99 main battle tanks! The maximum push pressure of the bucket reaches 243 tons, and the bucket lever reaches 230 tons. According to Yang Yufeng, the chief designer, it can load up to 5000 tons of material per hour. The excavator can complete the loading and transportation task of more than 30 thousand tons of coal within 8 hours if it is used in conjunction with Xugong 240 tons or 300 tons of mining dump trucks.

In addition, the 700 ton hydraulic excavators used the dual power component coupling control system, the high voltage system intelligent monitoring and fault self diagnosis technology, the modular dual power hydraulic drive system, the self repairing adaptive chassis tensioning system, and so on. The independent patents already applied to 52 items have already been applied.

National pride - the first dug of Shenzhou

The field of large complete set of mining machinery has always been called "crown pearl" in the world high end equipment industry. The 700 ton hydraulic excavator in China has realized the breakthrough of key core technology for the first time in the field of super large hydraulic excavator in China. China has also become the world after Germany, Japan and the United States, and the fourth has more than 700 tons. A country that designs, develops, and produces hydraulic excavators.

The successful downline of the 700 ton hydraulic excavator not only fills the blank of the large tonnage of the domestic excavators, but also effectively reduces the cost of the user from the purchase and maintenance. In addition to the price advantage, the XCMG, as a manufacturer after entering the market, has carried out a detailed understanding and analysis of the customer's demand. Customized design and production according to customer needs.