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Steering system for hydraulic excavator introduction

Oct 20, 2016

Should students have requested today by training to explain for you tire excavator steering system also works to facilitate wheel excavator operation later on, I hope you study hard.

Basic requirements to the steering mechanism

Wheeled hydraulic excavators for the basic requirements of the steering mechanism:

1) due to poor working conditions, often in distorted Qu driving on uneven land, so the steering mechanism is the strength and service life of parts have higher requirements, steering mechanism to ensure safety and reliability.

2) because of steering excavator frequently, manipulating light, lighten labor strength, in order to increase the productivity of excavators.

3) feed the excavator driving resistance, ensuring the accuracy of the driving direction and trajectory, and reduced tire wear, steering wheel rolling, and no swing in the horizontal plane of the wheel.

4) the reverse efficiency of steering mechanism should be low in order to reduce the reaction wheel impact on the steering wheel.

5) steering mechanism should be convenient to maintain, adjust the part few and simple.

6) can ensure the excavators upper turret rotating 360 degrees relative to the base.

Wheeled hydraulic excavators steering system

Wheeled hydraulic excavators of the steering system are:

1) according to machine steering deflection of wheels and bow type and so on.

2) press the steering transmission means there is mechanical steering, hydraulic power steering, hydraulic power steering and pneumatic power assisted steering.

3) by steering wheels position front wheel steering, rear wheel steering and steering.

Wheel excavator steering principle

Deflection wheeled hydraulic excavators hydraulic steering is operated by steering the front wheels, oil pump output pressure via the Central Rotary joints into steering cylinder, push the left steering arm, making it around the Steering knuckle king pin rotation. By steering tie rod-driven right steering arm, on both sides of the steering wheel at the same time deflects, thereby steering. Steering device controlled by the driver's steering wheel.

Now wheeled hydraulic excavators used to deflect the front wheel hydraulic steering system, and using feedback machinery to solve interlock between the steering wheel and the steering wheel.