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Simple method teaches you to reduce second hand excavators excavator fault

Oct 20, 2016

Used excavator, as long as part of the engineering machinery are among the items that, in the course of using, will inevitably fail, today we have excavators for construction machinery as columns, to analyse how failure in the process of reducing the use of excavators. Many excavator friends, is has been asked of topic, excavator appeared has problem, delay engineering of progress, let people impatient, actually excavator of as long as you right of maintenance excavator, so will greatly of reduced it occurred fault of frequency, appeared many of big of problem, are is usually of some of small problem, you feel is small problem, may no get attention, so time long has, excavator of big of fault on produced has.

In the use of excavators, excavator's value lies in using. Third, insist on the implementation of Charter accountability, responsibility to the people, personal economic interests and responsibilities of mechanical maintenance, fuel costs combined with assessment, award simultaneously, strengthen the management responsibility of the excavator, arouse the enthusiasm of care for excavators.

In use, one is education operators correct use and operation of all kinds of construction machinery, cannot be exceeded the machine can take maximum work load, ensure the mechanical load and reduced as far as possible, the machine in a flat load changes, specifically, is to more evenly and reduce the throttle to prevent engine, working the ups and downs of the device. Equipment use is good or bad depends to a large extent the operator level of. Are provided for the use of any equipment, conditions and procedures, only the correct use of the equipment to ensure safety. Second, strengthen training, improve the quality of personnel, enable the operator to understand the structure, to understand the principle, understand the performance, use, maintenance, inspection, troubleshooting, from the source to reduce and prevent human errors caused by mechanical failure of excavator.

Excavator at work, as long as we enhance equipment management, rational use, timely maintenance, timely and accurate service, you can catch excavators during the life of each fault occurrence, effectively reducing failure, improve efficiency and keep equipment in good technical condition, make the use value of the excavator.

Any mechanical equipment in the application process you can come to the fore in fault, the excavator is no exception. Excavators the apply process should strictly follow the rules of operation, used excavator storing method and current home for protection, to increased failure rates. Attacks faults should be carefully assembled to not consciously on the mechanical analysis of the fault, as long as the true understanding of system failures after the principle of the capacity to make an accurate judgment, self Assembly not only cannot eliminate the fault, also would create a time delay and waste of human and financial resources. Baidu: used excavators, used excavator prices