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Shandong lingong carries out product service training in dubai to improve service quality

Jul 25, 2018

Shandong lingong carries out product service training in dubai to improve service quality

Bustling dubai in July, the high temperature of 50 ℃ like the barbecue, in this hot summer, still active with a team, which makes the EMEA service team, they are an important product service training.

In order to better meet the market demand, shandong lingong organization EMEA agents and service personnel of EMEA agents conducted a one-week training. Eight trainees came from six different countries. In the course of training, the theory connects with the practice, focuses on the practice, and explains the power transmission route of oil road and gearbox through the principle diagram and the material object. In the process of assembly, the clearance of each gearbox and the clutch piston stroke are measured and refined. Every student in the study is very devoted, not missing every detail, the study enthusiasm is high.

As countries along the strategy of promoting all the way, which makes for those routes, the deepening of the Middle East and African markets, after years of painstaking efforts, which makes the product in the Middle East and Africa breakthrough unceasingly, favored by more and more users, which makes the product A109 highway in Kenya, Cameroon, mozambique across hydropower station port project in west of deep water port, Saudi Arabia, Oman, civil defense department such as the role of play a mainstay.

High quality products and high quality services have formed a strong market competitiveness. Shandong lingong will do a good job in training service personnel, support lingong global service wanli travel activities, provide the best quality services for lingong customers, and achieve the maximum customer satisfaction.