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Modern excavators work every day eight inspections to be done

Oct 20, 2016

First: check that the fuel is sufficient.

Fuel is like digging the meals, if you do not give it food and it will give you work it? Check fuel is relatively simple, usually see the fuel gauge. If a fuel gauge malfunction, we can unscrew the fuel tank cap to see. Loosen the tank cap when the attention around do not have an open flame.

Second: check the adequacy of the hydraulic oil.

When browsing the Internet, often found the master for the hydraulic oil is not sufficient, bad oil, bad oil pump problems and suffering. In fact, daily visits with special attention to the adequacy of the hydraulic oil, was completely avoidable. Check the adequacy of the hydraulic oil is simple, is to see whether the oil level is between the h and l. Than h indicate that the hydraulic oil is too much, less than l description hydraulic oil shortage, encountered such a situation to deal with.

The third item: check that engine oil is sufficient.

Fourth: check that the coolant is sufficient.

Above water is to add coolant, today's technology is well developed, people in order to save things, are adding coolant directly, aims to prevent freezing in the winter the heat sink with the fuselage. Adequacy of the cooling liquid is indicated, we can just follow the signs to see if you need to add. If there is insufficient cooling liquid, easily lead to excessive temperature, thereby burning engine, which is skimp.

Fifth: diesel filter, double fine filter, that is, look at the oil-water separator.

See if they needed water. Now the production of diesel would not achieve hundred percent pure, especially some small refineries out of diesel. After diesel through a prefilter and fine filter, typically occurs in varying degrees of moisture at this time is to make the water drain off so as not to affect the engine start. Diesel is not pure, can sometimes lead to chimney take white smoke, especially when the engine just started, this phenomenon is particularly serious.

Sixth: check fan belt fan belt tension is appropriate.

The key components of the fan is guaranteed full, if the fan is malfunctioning, it can lead to engine overheating, resulting in engine damage to a great extent. Check the fan belt tension of the appropriateness of the method is very simple, I believe a little experience digging hands check. That stretch is to stretch it with his hand, the tension is appropriate, naturally, is clear.

Seventh: look at dashboards, indicators to see whether it needs cleaning.

If you need to clean, wipe gently with a tissue paper. Dashboards and indicators is a key part you find digging machine is faulty. If it is too dirty, it will affect your observation, resulting in unnecessary losses.

Eighth: check the operating rod and handle.

Many chefs disdain, who went to check on the stick and handle it? Hold it in hand every day things, do not know what is wrong with them. However, I have found that many older drivers, the old hand dug, before it starts, will unconsciously fiddles with a joystick. In fact, this is in check. Do you have this good habit?