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How to prevent accidents involving poor summer high temperature operation of hydraulic excavator

Oct 20, 2016

As the country gradually warming temperatures, rising temperatures will cause the body to produce a range of adverse reactions, can also cause bad operation of construction machinery, when the temperature rises, engineering construction also occur frequently when a series of bad accidents. Today, small series we take a look at how to prevent excavators summer jobs bad accidents.

When the environment temperature, would lead directly to the excavator engine and tank temperatures, thus severely affect its normal operations. Once the engine high temperature phenomena, causes of excavator hydraulic system, cooling system and other life hazards, culminated in the excavator doesn't work. Therefore, the excavators conservation is particularly important at this time.

1. in daily operation, maintenance work should be focused on strengthening the excavator. Periodically check the engine "filter" and the oil situation is good; regularly excavator water tanks, generators, cooling systems, compressors and other detailed examinations to ensure its failure.

2. due to the high temperature operation, excavator hydraulic oil viscosity becomes a top priority, due to changes in temperature, oil can easily cause a certain degree of deterioration, its wiring, tubing and the spare parts will have a certain impact. Therefore, maintenance, it shall check whether there is a leak in the tank, in the event, it should be resolved in a timely manner and to prevent leakage. Summer jobs, you should ensure good ventilation, and choosing the right oil to use.

3. to supplement the battery in time, due to the high temperature environment, may be appropriate to reduce the charge current, to ensure that the circuit is connected firmly to prevent unnecessary harm caused by aging. When the excavator stopped when in use, equipment should be parked in the shade back, avoid direct sunlight.

4. reduce the tire air pressure, summer jobs, to prevent tire.