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Hitachi construction machinery zx890lch-5a large excavator to help upgrade mine operation efficiency

Jul 18, 2018

In order to better meet the needs of high-quality power for China's mining industry and large engineering projects, Hitachi construction machinery officially launched ZAXIS 5A series of heavyweight new products -- zx890lch-5a large excavator in 2016. In performance, fuel consumption, durable and the unique advantages of safety, Hitachi construction machine ZX890LCH - 5 a will for coal, metal ores, limestone mine, large cubic metro of earth and engineering, port and water conservancy and hydropower in the fields of a sustained quality customer return on investment.

Hitachi built the zx890lch-5a

Green power is strong

Since 2015, with the successive release of new products of Hitachi construction 5A, more customers have been strongly supported by high efficiency and power. As an upgrade of large excavator products, Hitachi construction machine zx890lch-5a adopts the original imported engine of 50 bells, which not only ensures high power output, but also reduces the fuel consumption and overall operating cost to a new low. Engine introduction of electronically controlled high pressure common rail fuel injection system and the cold EGR system, through the precise control of injection time and injection amount, significantly improve fuel efficiency, and reducing emissions with the help of cold EGR system. Faced with increasingly stringent industry environmental protection indicators, zx890lch-5a meets the national emission standards for three times and easily realizes low-carbon operations.

Hitachi construction machine ZX890LCH - 5 a matching Hitachi HIOS Ⅲ B hydraulic system, show the excellent operation performance. The rated power of the engine is up to 377KW, and it provides customers with 3 power modes to choose: strong H/P mode, standard PWR mode and economic ECO mode, so as to adapt to different operating conditions. Compared with the previous generation of products, the fuel efficiency of the latter two modes is increased by 11% and 9% respectively, which can effectively save operating costs.

Hitachi built the zx890lch-5a

Multidimensional enhanced high durability protection

In view of the particularity of mining operations, Hitachi construction machinery design team carried out targeted enhancement and upgrading of key components including engines to achieve higher mobility and durability. The front-end working device of zx890lch-5a adopts r-type reinforcement design to enhance strength by thickening plate and fully welded structure. The upper rotary platform of the type D section frame can resist external impact, and the bearing capacity of the rotary support can also be enhanced. As for the lower walking body, the high-strength LC bolt structure improves rigidity and stability, and the detailed optimization of the dismounted sealing plate and three-chip rail chain guide structure can effectively cope with various harsh environments.

Safe, reliable, comfortable and easy to control

OPG top cover class II standard H/R cab for operators to provide a reliable protection, in case of risk of rockfall protection personnel safety, at the same time, the standard lower part of front window fence, all-round improve security levels. When faced with a complex surrounding environment, open field of vision, panoramic Windows can present the rear camera to join can be displayed on the monitor more outside information, further reduce the incidence of the danger.

The cab is spacious and the legs are free to move. The suspension seat in line with the ergonomic principles can help reduce sitting fatigue and provide a comfortable environment for long and high-load work. In addition, the control platform of zx890lch-5a has a reasonable layout, and common control keys such as monitor switch and air conditioning switch are concentrated on the right side, which makes all kinds of operations convenient. The monitor can display the device status, provide the rear image and support the attachment replacement prompt, which is clear at a glance.

Hitachi built the zx890lch-5a

Easy to maintain good service

In order to effectively reduce the daily maintenance burden of customers on equipment, Hitachi construction machinery with a number of humanized design and quality services to enhance product value. ZX890LCH - 5 a through optimizing fuel circuit, electric fuel pump in order to improve the exhaust performance of multistage fuel filter and advanced cooling system can make the engine keep a good state, free maintenance of the air filter to realize the long-term protection of engine. In addition, the fuel filter of the equipment adopts the all-in-one structure, which is more convenient for maintenance.

In terms of after-sales Service, Hitachi construction has set up more than 200 Service outlets nationwide, and introduced Global e-service, ConSite and other systems to grasp the running status of the equipment in real time and shorten the maintenance cycle. In the long-term service practice, Hitachi construction machines have formed a perfect prevention security and failure mechanism, provide scientific consulting service, ensure the machine performance, improve customer satisfaction.

Hitachi built zx890lch-5a into the Chinese market, quickly won the trust of customers. Recently, the two zx890lch-5a purchased by xinjiang wuhuowan coal mine have been delivered successfully, and Hitachi construction machinery has held a grand handover ceremony for customers. As mining machinery for power, environmental protection, safety, and the improvement of operational requirements, Hitachi construction machine 5 a large excavator series and related products nets more orders, to make greater contribution to the development of industry.