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Go to the World Cup 2018 Russian!Shandong lingong sponsors Russian football activities

Jul 08, 2018

With the Russian flag victory in the square is full of people, from time to time, someone Shouting "Р о с с и second! Р о с с и second! "And then almost the entire square was filled with russians. The night passed, but there was still excitement over Russia's victory over Spain, as the team advanced to the final eight of the World Cup.

Since Russia won the 2018 World Cup bid in 2010, the Russian government's reaction to the event venue invested a huge sum of money required for construction, but also promote the related infrastructure supporting construction, and makes the whole the whole heart to participate in the project construction, not only for the 2018 World Cup, every step is more of the Russian economy development contribution all the power.

However, shandong lingong, with the brand concept of "reliable bearing and heavy trust", not only pursues the challenge of large-scale engineering, but also starts from the grass-roots level in detail. For the common pursuit of the spirit of sports, which makes united Russia agent RBA company has carried out "makes, reliable bearing great trust" football sponsorship activities, support the development of Russian amateur football league, make sport more benefits to people.

Reliable bearing great trust, not only is our brand concept, is we to each partner, reliable every customer commitment, is we all the way open a win-win concept of best practice area. Shandong lingong, as the representative of Chinese engineering machinery brand in Russia, has been committed to leading the benign development of Chinese engineering machinery brand in the Russian market. In addition to the Russian good driver social activities, to strengthen the pilot group of caring and nurturing, long-term unswervingly love Russia for the construction of the orphanage, concerned about the growth of the Russian orphan, we also pay attention to sports, through the development of football sports, to implement engineering machinery has always been committed to the purpose of improving human life level.

In the 2018 season, in which makes and agents support, hand in hand makes sponsored by PORTER in the club in 142 the fourth excellent achievements, also won the grateful to all the members of the club. We firmly believe that no matter how many difficulties and difficulties along the way, shandong lingong will join hands with agents to provide whole-hearted service to Russian customers, and we will surely achieve greater success.