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Fierce, my country has triggered a nationwide upsurge, and construction machinery has contributed to the country's brilliance.

Jul 03, 2018

"Fierce, my country" has triggered a nationwide upsurge, and construction machinery has contributed to the country's brilliance.

The first lunar month fifteen (March 2nd) Lantern Festival, a record of the burning of the movie "powerful, my country" in the country. Although it is only a documentary, it does not prevent it from becoming a hot blood blockbuster. This is the story of our great motherland and shows many precious moments in history.

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In the film, "as long as you want to do it, our country is able to do it now", reaching to the heart of the people, a feeling of pride and pride arises spontaneously.

Development in the West and revitalization of the Northeast; the rise of the central part of the central part of the East; the first in the East; the world's first growth in GDP; the number 2 of the blue whale, the Dragon number and the national silver screen, the world's largest; the world's largest basic medical security network; the 173 Poverty Alleviation Policies; the largest radio telescope FAST in human history; the world's first world road network. This series of numbers is testimony to the rise of China's manufacturing industry, which shows a country's stride forward toward a strong technological country.

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As a member of China's manufacturing industry, the development history of construction machinery is tortuous and arduous. At the beginning of development, foreign capital was in shortage and technology was scarce, and the market was basically monopolized by imported machinery. However, the enterprises of China's engineering machinery are not afraid of hardships and difficulties, in order to become a powerful country in construction machinery manufacturing, through continuous innovation and breakthrough, the achievements of the proud people have been achieved, and a number of products and technologies are in the top ranks of the world.

Now, look at the "heavy weights" of our construction machinery standing in the center of the international arena.

Heavy weapon: the darling of the Sichuan Tibet Railway - the Liugong loader

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The Sichuan Tibet railway, as one of the five "heavenly roads" in the Tibet route, is more than 1800 kilometers long, with 430 bridges and 182 tunnels on the whole line. The bridge and tunnel ratio is up to 84%, through the most violent Hengduan Mountains on the earth's geological activities. Its construction difficulty is also famous in the world, as the "favorite" on the Sichuan Tibet Railway - Liu workers' tonnage wheel plateaus loader plays the leading role in the whole project.

There are about 40 million cubic meters of granite debris to be cleaned up on the whole line of the Sichuan Tibet railway, equivalent to 15 Hufu Pyramid. Under the high altitude hypoxia condition, the general equipment will be badly powered, and the 5 ton plateau loader independently developed by Liu Gong can effectively shovel 350 cubic slag per hour. The thrust of the 5 ton highland loader bucket can reach 50 tons at a time, and it can easily break up most of the rocks in the world.

Heavy: breaking the monopoly of foreign brands -- Liugong 12 ton wheel loader

Before introducing the 12 ton wheel loader of Liugong, it was a world record of popular science: the slope full of climbing, 30 degree angle, 20 meters in the line, 28 seconds, and the world record of the 12 ton wheel loader of the willow.

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And Liugong 12 ton wheel loader or after China, after the United States Sweden and Japan, fourth country with 12 tons wheel loader, broke the monopoly of foreign brands in large tonnage equipment.

But the production of the 12 ton wheeled loader is not as simple as 5 tons. First of all, the 12 ton hydraulic torque converter, as the power source of the equipment, becomes a "block tiger". The blade bending of the 12 ton hydraulic torque converter is more than 20 degrees larger than that of 5 tons. It is easy to collapse by traditional manual extraction.  The formulation of the core surface coating was successfully tackled and successfully controlled within 0.2 millimeters.

Core, baking, pouring, sand cleaning, assembly... After overcoming many difficulties, the 12 ton hydraulic torque converter was successfully developed by Liu workers.

7 major structural parts,

More than 900 kinds of 3176 parts,

10 days of assembly...

China's first 12 ton wheel loader was developed at Liugong.

Heavy: challenge jzan new town extreme condition -- 31 47 meters "king of pump truck"

The city of Zan Zan is an important economic pivot to link Saudi and Eurasian trade, and it is also an important node on the road map of the "one area and one road". As a new desert town, it can be called the "extreme human condition". The climate and construction standards become the "two great mountains" of the test equipment.

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In the course of construction, only one side supply pump truck is often stopped, so the pump not only requires the arm length, but also has to extend completely horizontally. In the process of pumping, the pump will test the bearing capacity of the arm of the pump, the longer the arm length is, the greater the pressure of the arm is, and the pressure of the horizontal pump is 3-4 higher than that of the vertical pump. Therefore, the boom must be made of high strength steel. At present, only 4 countries in the world can make such pumps. China is one of them.

Heavy: the new generation of pump truck king, 31 86 meters ultra long arm pump truck

At present, 31 can produce 1800 MPa High strength steel plate (steel plate per square centimeter to withstand 18 tons of pressure, equivalent to one finger top up an adult African elephant), can be used to create a new generation of pump car king, a new generation of high strength steel 86 meters super long arm rack pump. China is currently the only country in the world that can manufacture 86 m long arm pump trucks.

Heavy: underground "aircraft carrier" -- iron construction large diameter full face rock tunnel boring machine (TBM)

The large diameter and full section rock tunnel boring machine (TBM), developed by iron construction heavy industry, is a super equipment developed by our country. In the field of engineering machinery, it has the reputation of the underground "aircraft carrier". On the fuselage of 4 stories high and 230 meters long, more than 50 thousand parts are installed, which are loaded with various equipments such as driving power, slag support and so on.

This super equipment is like a "steel worm", where the land is passed.