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Excavator daily maintenance for fuel oil

Jul 08, 2018

Regular maintenance of excavators can reduce the failure of machines and extend the service life of machines. Shorten machine downtime; Improve working efficiency and reduce operating cost. Managing fuel, oil, water and air can reduce the number of failures by 70 percent.

Fuel oil for excavator maintenance

Different grades of fuel should be used for different environmental temperatures.

High ambient temperature, should choose viscosity of the oil, low environmental temperature should choose viscosity of oil.

2. Keep fuel clean:

Make sure the fuel is absolutely clean. If the fuel is mixed with water, dust, or other impurities, the light will cause the pump to wear out faster and the heavy will cause the pump to be damaged.

Do not use inferior fuel oil.

For example, the Volvo excavator recommends no. 0 fuel for its excavators.

Fuel should be filled up after completion of the operation

When the gasoline alarm lamp is on, fill it in time to avoid burning the oil pump. After filling up the fuel, it can effectively prevent water droplets from occurring in the excavator oil tank. It is also good for the heat dissipation of fuel pump.

5. Use fuel filtering device:

The use of fuel filter device can effectively filter out impurities in the fuel oil.

As long as you do the above five points in excavator maintenance, you can avoid most of the excavator engine failures caused by fuel problems.

Timely clean the gasoline filter screen and filter of excavator.