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Excavator bucket prevention effective ways of action gradually slow the phenomenon

Oct 20, 2016

When the excavator is ditching work, if its bucket movement gradually slow, or even seriously affect the normal operation, we are generally judged to be the bucket cylinder failure.

So, we'll see how to prevent the excavator bucket movement gradually slow this problem.

Fault analysis of excavator bucket movement gradually slow

First of all, we should develop a habit of careful observation, when bucket cylinder operation when there is a delay, you can view it, excluding abnormal surface oil filter system can be checked.

Due to increase in jobs, its bucket cylinder piston wear also increased. when worn in the impurities will flow gradually into the oil and oil filter intercepts. over time, the deposits in the oil filter becomes black rubber black block.

Dang mechanical using time of increased, shovel bucket cylinder piston of steel quality ring gradually appeared fracture signs, this situation will directly led to piston and cylinder tube of 0 distance contact. Dang job Shi, in piston rod of frequently telescopic will on mill shovel bucket cylinder within wall produced scraping mill injury, makes shovel bucket cylinder wall caused pulled injury phenomenon, and produced within relief caused shovel bucket cylinder movement speed declined. eventually led to shovel bucket cylinder cannot normal job.

Excavator bucket movement gradually slow troubleshooting

Should heighten the awareness operation in the operation and enhance the professionalism of operators. ensure 10~20 operation of the bucket cylinders of cm telescopic allowance. This can largely prevent the bucket cylinder overload operations cause powerful impact wear for a long time.