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Disadvantages of smuggling of secondhand excavators

Oct 20, 2016

China is becoming the world's largest excavator market. Temptation and interest in the huge market, driven by desperation, smuggling of secondhand excavators from abroad. Data show that currently smuggled used excavator has over 20,000 units, equal to excavator domestic annual sales total of 1/3. Those close to scrap outdated products in foreign countries, after they have been smuggled from Hong Kong, Macao and other regions, to 200,000 each sold ~70 million to fund does not allow margin of domestic customers. Insiders pointed out that smuggling of secondhand excavators flooded the market, disrupting normal economic order, there are several drawbacks.

Harm the interests of users

After thousands of hours of use, the core components of these foreign excavators wear, its performance is compromised. Since there is no formal quality inspection, technical information is not, a lot of secondhand excavators only simple assembling, painting and adjust the run and then sold to customers. Users for individual operators and excavators, lack of awareness of risks of construction machinery industry, do not have the expertise for qualification, so many people are deceived. More importantly, these products do not have adequate service, machine maintenance, repairs and parts cost is very high, the result is the use of paid several times higher cost than buying China-made new machines.

Dangerous to the environment and quality

As the second mobile phone emissions, noise, oil seal, appearance, material degradation and safety performance has been inconsistent with its original state environmental requirements, is bound to damage our environment, even a project quality and safety accident risk.

Disrupt the economic order

Due to the large construction machinery equipment, high tax rates and duty-free import of more profitable, and countries on imports of construction machinery and equipment to provide some preferential policies, smuggling false name of unruly as a tax exemption. What is more, some people conceal the evasion, decentralised, direct purchase exemption certificate, trade-in, falsifying the goods name means of evading customs duties directly harm national interest, disrupt the economic order.

Serious constraints on development of the industry

So many illegal waste used excavator products internally, is bound to impact the domestic market in an unreasonable manner, seizing originally belongs to the domestic market, is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry.