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China's engineering machinery industry opens up the road of group internationalization

Jul 11, 2018

Epicenter wide net Beijing on April 24, the news (reporter komio) following the 2017 Las Vegas engineering machinery exhibition engineering machinery brand first campaign after a complete success, "China engineering machinery series brand propaganda activity" the second on April 23, 2018 in Paris, France north weiler, exhibition centre. More than 130 enterprises and component manufacturers, including xugong, zoomlion and sany heavy industries, have gathered in France to further open up China's brand engineering machinery group to the world.

China engineering machinery series brand promotion activities are the independent brand export growth of the national ministry of commerce is an important part of the action plan implementation plan, aimed at strengthening brand construction of foreign trade, expand the export independent brands, especially to a batch of high quality engineering machinery brand to the world.

In recent years, the Chinese government vigorously promote the construction of independent brands of foreign trade, to continue to increase their own brands overseas publicity, as in the "area" initiative infrastructure interconnectivity hub of industry, construction machinery industry is the government's vigorously support and encourage, the accelerating pace of "going out".

After decades of development, China's engineering machinery has now formed a complete industrial chain, and a number of outstanding enterprises with international influence and popularity have emerged.

China's high-speed rail traffic mileage of more than 30000 kilometers, more than 130000 km highway mileage, opened more than 5000 kilometers of subway, the length of the world's first Chinese bridge construction, the world's fastest China's nuclear power construction, the construction project, provides a largest engineering machinery market demand, and promote the development of construction machinery manufacturing. Thanks to the continuous and large-scale construction of domestic infrastructure, China has developed into the world's largest engineering machinery market.

Wang guiqing, vice President of the China chamber of commerce for import and export of mechanical and electrical products, said that while the market is growing, China's machinery industry has also made good achievements in technological progress. At present, China has built the world's most complete engineering machinery production chain, all components can be produced in China. At the same time, China's engineering machinery industry in the international community has a very good openness and compatibility. Major engineering machinery manufacturers around the world have established manufacturing bases in China through mergers, joint ventures and sole proprietorship, while many leading Chinese engineering machinery enterprises have established manufacturing bases in many parts of the world.

At the same time, a group of excellent engineering machinery has a certain influence in the global business appear constantly, and create the multiple "most of the world" field of engineering machinery, concrete machinery, cranes, excavators, loaders, rollers, and other products production in the world are listed in the first place. China's engineering machinery and equipment is favored by the global market, and its exports continue to rise. Exports rose from $1.56 billion in 2001 to $14.6 billion in 2017.

Li na, deputy director of the foreign trade department of the ministry of commerce, said that independent brand building in foreign trade is a strategic measure to cultivate new advantages in foreign trade competition and an important part of promoting the construction of a strong trading nation. In recent years, the ministry of commerce has actively implemented the action plan for export growth of independent brands. For example, promote the establishment of the brand export customs statistical system, elaborate quality Chinese goods overseas brand show, set up the brand in the Canton fair booth, strike the infringing counterfeit goods "the wind" action and support overseas marketing network construction, as well as to the large complete sets of equipment should defend and defend encourages enterprises to go global mergers and acquisitions of foreign brand, brand work training, summarize and promote good experience of the local and corporate brand good practice, etc.

At the same time, in the concrete work, earnest to guide local, industry organizations and enterprises adapt to the situation, change ideas, enhance understanding, positive, as will the independent brand construction as a systematic project of strong power trade, omni-directional, multi-channel to carry out the brand cultivation work.

Have learned, at present all over the country attaches great importance to the independent brand cultivation work, positive innovation, we will carry out extensive public activities to the brand cultivation, such as zhejiang province introduced "zhejiang quality goods, marketing all over the world" three years of engineering, developing independent brand of "+" innovation activities in jiangsu province, shandong province organization global line "" shandong brand extension, the" display "a town of guangdong province of convention and exhibition industry to promote the brand model.

Type at the same time, the emergence of a batch of demonstration of the export enterprise independent brands, its export has been completed from OEM to own brand of luxuriant turned, continue to expand the international influence, marketing channels to expand extensively, some excellent brand has become a global standard of the industry.

At present, most manufacturing enterprises have realized the transition from OEM to ODM, can independently accomplish the product design, development and manufacture, produce quality products, for our country independent brand construction laid a more solid industrial foundation, to create the favorable conditions of further to OBM.

"Since 2017, we screened the engineering machinery, textile and so on has the traditional manufacturing industry, through the professional exhibition brand outside the overseas promotion, and achieved very good results. Carefully selected to represent the level of Chinese brand enterprises formed a group to play the "China's national team, engineering machinery, for example, XCMG, liugong group, hill pushed engineering, the heavy industries, zoomlion, sany group and other construction machinery group, not only reveals the Chinese manufacturing industry to the determination and confidence in the Chinese brands of high-end, collective display effect is much more than individual firms fight alone," said li, and display, the exhibition of high quality and high level design of promotional activities, the unique brand conference, face-to-face communication between enterprises, made in China brand effect is more intuitive, more fresh, It has changed the traditional concept of Chinese manufacturing in foreign markets.

In 2018, the ministry of commerce will continue to support the French construction machinery exhibition brand outside the condition, to undertake unit designed ZuZhan scheme, will support the goals to focus on real with the main intellectual property rights, the enterprise own development, and in the international market sales of own brand.

Li said that the brand construction work is the key to the adjustment of China's foreign trade export structure and the realization of high quality economic development. The next step is to fully understand the importance of cultivating independent foreign trade brands for stable growth and structural adjustment of foreign trade, consolidating the status of a major trading nation and promoting the construction of a strong trading nation. At the same time, we will continue to strengthen policy guidance for foreign trade enterprises and take independent foreign trade brands as the core elements of foreign trade transformation and upgrading base construction, trade platform construction and international marketing network construction. Horizontal collaboration, vertical linkage mechanism into full play the role of work in brand, active in conjunction with relevant departments to promote institutional innovation, policy support force, to create a legal system for foreign trade independent brand construction and the development of international environment.

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