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Application of hydraulic excavator range

Oct 20, 2016

Pump hydraulic excavator training in construction, transportation, mining and hydropower construction works widely in engineering machinery

Dominant. Is the use of hydraulic drive of hydraulic excavator, boom, stick and bucket mining machinery. Hydraulic excavation

Excavation machine working process is: angle of bucket and bucket work open to boom down, using hydraulic pressure make the bucket teeth cut into the excavated material

Excavation and BOOM up, turning to the unloaded position the bucket opens the uninstall, finally turning to its initial boom

Bucket and bucket to recover for the next dig. Horse compact hydraulic excavator in vocational schools has considerable development in recent years,

The advantages of small size, flexibility and efficiency, therefore accounted for a growing proportion of hydraulic excavators. Mini excavator main

Can be used in urban construction, afforestation, road construction and small projects. Small compared with medium and large excavators hydraulic excavator,

With large and medium sized excavator has a variety of features and large scale machine that does not have the flexibility, mobility, energy-saving and the platoon

Many advantages, such as, in the case of limited geographical space can work flexible, especially for urban and small scale construction

Used in small towns.