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Advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic excavator

Oct 20, 2016

Advantages: (1) light weight. When passed the same power, hydraulic transmission than a mechanical transmission device's small size, compact structure, light weight, its quality can reduce the 30%~40%.

(2) can realize stepless speed regulation, large speed range. Henan broken jaw ratio of highest to lowest speed of up to 1000:1. Plunger type oil motor, can obtain a stable speed 1/min. In fast runs, small inertia of hydraulic components, high speed and reverse.

(3) transmission is steady, reliable work. Set a variety of safety valves, relief valves in the hydraulic system, even occasional overloading or mishandling of the situation or personal accidents and damage to the machine.

(4) the operation is simple, flexible, energy, improving the driver's working conditions. In addition, easy to automate control of the hydraulic system can be composed jointly with electric, pneumatic automatic control and remote control systems.

(5) the device can be enlarged. Can be configured with a variety of new devices, such as combination boom, telescopic boom mount, bottom-dump bucket, etc; also, easy to replace and adjust the working device, compact hydraulic excavator fitted with 30~ 40 replacement device.

(6) maintenance and repair easy. Since hydraulic excavator does not require complex mechanical systems, structure has been simplified, reduced nearly 50% of wearing parts, it greatly simplifies maintenance and repair work.

(7) the hydraulic components are easy to achieve standardization, serialization and generalization, and organize specialized production. improve quality and reduce costs.

Disadvantages: (1) manufacturing high precision of hydraulic components, Assembly demanding maintenance is also more difficult. Hydraulic system failure, to determine the cause of the accident and troubleshooting more difficult, maintenance repair and technical requirements are high.

(2) the great influence on the viscosity of the oil temperature. Thus work under high temperature and low temperature affect the transmission efficiency. In addition, oil leaks, can also affect the smooth action and transmission efficiency. In short, ceramsite production line equipment hydraulic excavator is a structure and properties of advanced new machines, it became more widely used, in particular small and medium sized excavator, could soon be replaced by hydraulic excavators. With the development of Chinese hydraulic and hydraulic components manufactured to improve the quality of, also for medium and large hydraulic excavator will be developing rapidly.