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A method of reducing wear in the walking part of a excavator

Jul 06, 2018

A method of reducing wear in the walking part of a excavator

The walking part of the excavator consists of a chain wheel, a heavy wheel, a driving wheel and a rail link. When it runs to a certain time, the parts will be worn to a certain extent. However, if the routine maintenance and maintenance takes a little time and proper maintenance, it will avoid the "big operation of the excavator leg" in the future. You can save considerable maintenance funds, and you can avoid delays caused by maintenance.

First point: if you walk on the sloping ground for a long time and turn abruptly, the side of the rail link will contact the side of the driving wheel and the guide wheel, thus increasing the degree of wear. Therefore, as far as possible, we should avoid walking and turning abruptly in the sloping area. Straight line and big turn can prevent wear effectively.

Second: if a partial sprocket and a weight wheel can not be used in a running state, it may cause the roller to wear off, and may also cause the rail link wear. If a roller is found to be unable to work, it must be repaired immediately. In this way, other failures can be avoided.

Third points: bolt wheel, bolt sprocket, crawler plate bolt, driving wheel installation bolt, walking pipe bolt, and so on, because the machine is easy to shake and loose after long time work. For example, if you continue to run the machine when the bolt is loose, it may even lead to a gap between the crawler plate and the bolt, which leads to the crack of the crawler plate. Moreover, the gap may also increase the bolt hole between the track and the rail chain, resulting in the serious consequence that the track and rail link must be replaced. Therefore, bolts and nuts should be inspected regularly and tightened so as to reduce unnecessary maintenance costs.