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A few strokes to help you put the quality of used digging machine

Mar 31, 2018

In many owners’ funds and actual demand reasons, many owners prefer to use second-hand excavators when they purchase excavators. How to check and control quality and quality when buying second hand excavators is undoubtedly the most concern for owners. topic of. So, Xiao Bian bought a second hand excavator today as an example, for everyone how to buy high-quality used excavators.

First of all, before you purchase an excavator, you should know something about the excavator you need, its characteristics and structure. The old saying goes well, knowing yourself and knowing each other, and you can never fight.

Hardware Configuration

After clearly knowing their purchasing needs, the next step is to measure their parts and components and check their buckets, breakers, stakes, and travel devices for problems. Since these parts are important functional parts of the entire excavator, if any one of these parts has a fault, subsequent operations will have a serious impact on the operation.

In addition, a detailed inspection should be made on the joint below the back wall of the excavator to check for wear. This is the place where the excavator is most prone to wear. If the wear is severe, the excavator should be avoided. .

Fuel tank circuit

Hydraulic oil tanks and oil lines play a leading role in the excavator machine. Any problems in the hydraulic tank or the oil path will have a huge impact on the whole machine. Therefore, attention should be paid to the inspection of hydraulic cylinders and tubing. During the inspection, carefully observe the presence or absence of signs such as hang-ups, grooves, or oil stains on the chrome plating surface of the hydraulic cylinder. If there is a lot of oil in the fuselage, suspect hydraulic pressure. Oil leakage, the entire hydraulic system is highly likely to be contaminated. If the hydraulic cylinder shows signs of grooves and scratches, it should be suspected that there is severe wear and metal deposits in the cylinder.


Carefully observe the welding parts between the various parts of the fuselage, observe whether there is the original welding interface when leaving the factory, if the fuselage exists late welding traces, it proves that this machine has serious damage or a long time operation.

Observe whether the excavator's rear arm and stick have any misalignment or twisting, and if so, prove that they have a history of overuse.


There are signs of obvious wear on the rubber track and chassis, if any, it can be regarded as having a long working history, and its mechanical life is also reduced. This can be observed by observing the rubber track and its edge wear. Since different working environments have different degrees of wear on the machine, you can measure the life limit of your own machine according to your own working environment.

Under normal circumstances, the life of a rubber track of a machine is about 2000 hours. If you work in a place where the soil is relatively mild and where there are few obstacles such as obstacles, your life will double.

The above is about tips for choosing second-hand excavators. Did you learn?