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2019 ZIF invitation letter for the 15th China zhengzhou industrial equipment expo

Sep 14, 2018

Consumption upgrading generates industrial upgrading innovation demand and creates new market opportunities

In the first half of 2018, the added value of industries above the scale of henan increased by 7.7 percent, among which manufacturing increased by 8.1 percent. The added value of five leading industries, including equipment manufacturing, food manufacturing, new material manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, and automobile manufacturing, increased by 9.9 percent. The added value of high-tech industries increased by 12.4 percent. By 2020, 22,000 industrial enterprises above the scale will have completed technological transformation, and the proportion of technological transformation investment in industrial investment will increase from 10% to more than 30%.

In the process of economic development from high speed to high quality, henan's total industrial output has been the first in the central part of the country, the fifth in the country, leading the central and western regions.

First by UFI certification as a central area of equipment manufacturing professional exhibitions, China zhengzhou industrial equipment fair (hereinafter referred to as the "ZIF"), on the basis of quality over the years accumulate, adhere to the "market-oriented, brand, specialization" operation, has developed into the Midwest flagship exhibition industry, for the equipment manufacturing industry in central building sets "information exchange, market development and brand display, develop channels, trade cooperation" as one of the equipment manufacturing industry event of sharing in the Midwest.

Based on the transformation and upgrading needs of the manufacturing industry in central China, the exhibition theme and content are constantly enriched and the platform model is innovated to help upstream and downstream enterprises in different stages of development in the entire industrial chain of the manufacturing industry to find and identify the foothold and starting point for the implementation of intelligent manufacturing. The scale of 2019ZIF was upgraded again, and four major theme exhibitions were set up, namely machine tool, industrial automation, industrial robot, and hardware and mechanical machinery, which led the central manufacturing industry to upgrade to intelligent, green and service-oriented types, and assisted the central manufacturing industry to speed up its upgrading!

Basic information of ZIF exhibition

Date: June 4-6, 2019

Venue: zhengzhou international convention and exhibition center (whole hall)

Expected exhibitors: 2,000

Expected audience: 60,000

Estimated exhibition area: 70,000 square meters


Exhibition qualification: the first equipment UFI certification exhibition in central China

Sponsor: China mechanical engineering society, henan industrial economy federation, haiming international convention and exhibition group

Organizer: zhengzhou haiming huibo exhibition planning co. LTD

ZIF four major theme exhibitions

Machine tool show

* metal cutting machine: CNC machine, machining center, lathe, milling machine, boring machine, boring and milling machine, drilling machine, grinding machine, planer, sawing machine, broaching machine, engraving machine, electrical machining/wire cutting machine, metal cutting machine, gear processing machine, special machine, etc.;

* laser cutting, sheet metal equipment, forging machinery: laser cutting machine (large, medium and small power), marking machine, welding machine; Stamping machine tools, metal sheet cutting machine tools, CNC puncher, water knife, hydraulic press, shearing machine, bending machine, bending machine, pipe bending machine, riveting machine and peripheral equipment, etc.

* functional parts, tools and accessories of machine tools: blade measuring tools, tooling jigs, chucks, abrasive tools, measuring equipment, numerical control system, machine tools, cutting oil, lubricating oil, machine tool accessories, automation control and informationization solutions for manufacturing, etc.;

Industrial automation

* industry applications and solutions: digital, networked, intelligent manufacturing systems and solutions.

* production and process automation: control systems, PLC, sensors and actuators, assembly and handling, linear positioning systems, industrial computer communication, networking and fieldbus systems, embedded systems, advanced industrial automation instruments, air pressure technology and equipment.

* electrical systems: servo motors and frequency converters, transmission, mechanical drive systems, transformers, batteries and uninterruptible power supplies, electrical switchgear and equipment, electrical and optoelectronic components, electrical testing and testing equipment.

* non-standard automation equipment: assembly equipment, assembly production line, electronic parts and auxiliary equipment.

* industrial IT and manufacturing informatization: factory integrated management and production software, industrial basic systems and development tools, industrial Internet/services.

* Microsystems technology: components of Microsystems, modular Microsystems, microoptics and fiber optics, microassembly, microlinking technology.

* 3D printing technology and services: rapid prototyping machine, rapid manufacturing equipment, three-coordinate measuring instrument, laser tracking instrument.

* power drive and control technology: fluid drive, electrical drive, mechanical drive system, industrial accessories.

Robot exhibition

Industrial robot on outline, the core components, system integration, robot workstation (assembly, welding, grinding, loading, palletizing, carrying, spraying, sorting, 3 d scanning, etc.), flexible manufacturing systems, and machine vision systems and solutions, jig, AGV technology solutions and intelligent logistics and supply chain, FA factory automation components.

Hardware machinery exhibition

* hardware tools: hand tools/auto protection tools, power tools, pneumatic tools, etc.;

* electromechanical/small-sized machinery: generator, air compressor, cleaning machine, spraying machine, etc.;

* welding: welding machine, welding equipment, welding materials, welding accessories, environmental dust removal, etc.;

* labor insurance: personal protection, safety production testing instruments and equipment, professional clothing and materials, etc.;

* pump valve pipe: water pump, fan, motor, industrial fan, etc.;

* others: lubricating oil, cable, standard parts, etc.;

ZIF exhibition radiating power and influence gradually covered 9 provinces and autonomous regions in the central and western regions, and the one-stop platform connected with 30+ industry core buyers and audiences

ZIF segment customer demand multidimensional precision to match supply and demand

· annual promotion and extension of exhibition marketing effectiveness + business docking

Exhibition will be offline for 3 days to 365 days, extend the exhibition marketing chain, makes up for the offline regional restrictions complementary limitation of exhibition through online micro letter, website, micro letter group, since the media platform, H5, such as online platform, the exhibition brands and products through online geared to the needs of the audience, can achieve good communication and exchange in the early exhibition, viewers will be able to more accurate understanding of the exhibition the overall situation, the exhibitors, the distribution of booths and exhibits, on-site meeting and the speech, the exhibition line, etc.; To let exhibitors know the information of visitors and product areas they are concerned about, and manage their own exhibits and personnel. The exhibition will arrange one-on-one meeting and negotiation, and the one-to-one trade pairing meeting.

· fully publicize online and offline, and make the industry focus on multiple channels to achieve broader influence

160 industry media and 48 professional magazines jointly promote, covering industry professionals;

20,000 WeChat fans, covering 80% of central manufacturing users;

We media platform (headline, 100, one point, sohu, penguin, big fish, etc.), 26,0000+ reading exposure;

15 issues of procurement guidelines effectively stimulated 50,000 + person-time target audiences;

20 user industries, 326 users communicate with WeChat group, covering engineers, procurement decision-makers, bosses, etc.

50 professional call teams, 60,000 direct calls to potential audiences; The team of 10 key core buyers has invited about 8000 suppliers for purchasing.

Jointly invite exhibitors and core buyers to visit the audience, set up the invitation reward system, and more accurately reach the target group

· invitation for precise orientation supported by big data

Set up big data sharing center, has more than 50 fixed call center team, integration of the company for 14 years precipitation of food, textile, clothing, medicine, construction, manufacturing, such as article 600000 + database, for professional buyers, the questionnaire survey to the one-to-one invitation, insight into market demand, security information data updated in real time, accurate and vivid, and the industrial chain, the supply and demand of the middle and lower reaches the demand of both sides into data center management, tracking services and trade matching, 10 main core buyer team, for the VIP guest buyers plan, Focus on mining industry executives and professionals who have clear procurement needs or plans, select the matching suppliers in advance according to the buyer's procurement requirements, and customize the one-to-one buyer exclusive procurement meeting, precise invitation, accurate matching, and quick and efficient transaction.

· targeted and specific offline activities meet the individual needs of enterprises

Throughout the year, zhengzhou industrial fair does not regularly hold industry friendship meetings, communication meetings, and joint industrial parks to hold offline activities such as promotion meetings. Every year, zhengzhou industrial expo will visit with a group meeting, and on-site industrial meeting and enterprise promotion meeting will be held to facilitate the precise and specific connection of enterprises' personalized needs.

· integrated resources to enhance industry participation throughout the year

With equipment manufacturing, agriculture, automobile, electronic appliances and other related industry association/society, industrial park, media in-depth cooperation, in 2019 the group of zhengzhou GongBoHui exhibitors and visitors, industry in various cooperation unit BBS annual meeting, training, seminars, industry exhibition thorough recommendation and release, in the cooperation unit of resources platform for exhibition for depth of coverage and related reports.


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